Best Kundalini Yoga Clothes To Wear And Why

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Best Kundalini Yoga Clothes To Wear & Why

Did you just sign up for a Kundalini Yoga class?

Or perhaps you’ve been doing kundalini for a long time and now it’s time to upgrade or expand your wardrobe.

As a yoga teacher myself, I love to have pants that are multi-purpose.

We all want to do our yoga, go to the grocery story, and perhaps coffee with a friend that day. The catch is we don’t want to change pants for all 3 of these events. 

I’ve combed over a few dozen reviews and compiled this list of the best kundalini yoga clothes I could find. We’ll look at a few of my top picks and even talk some about why you want to wear these types of clothes in Kundalini. 

Let’s start with the top choice...

Top Pick

PIYOGA Yoga Pants - High Waste With Pockets 

Over 210 Ratings!

  • Perfect for different body types. Ultra comfortable for sizes 0-24. Find a custom fit just for you.
  • Believe it or not - there's actually a large pocket! Carry your cell phone or other belongings with ease. 
  • Adjustable ankle to move up or down for the ideal length. Customize your look for any occasion! 

Why White Clothing Anyways?

The general belief is that colors have an effect on your consciousness. When white light is shown through a prism we discover that all the colors of the rainbow are dispersed. 

Therefore, regular white light is much more complex and deeper than what we may see on the surface. Now, this does NOT mean that other colors are bad. Simply enough, white is just the preferred color for Kundalini as stated by Yogi Bhanjan.

Yogi Bhanjan

Bhanjan states that the color white will reflect what is OUTSIDE of you, thus leaving us to go INSIDE ourselves. His teachings encourage his students to value the relationship they have with their own consciousness.

This DVD set delivers in variety. 

One of the most common issues people face in doing yoga at home is that they get bored too quickly. You end up doing the same yoga sequences over and over again if you buy a program that only has 2 or the 3 classes.

If you know you’re going to be doing yoga pretty consistently then this would be a good choice. On the flip side of that if you only expect to step on the mat once a week then this might not be a good pick. 

Top Rated

Hoerev Super Soft Modal Harem Yoga Pants

Over 3,240 Ratings!

  • Versatile for many different outings. Perfect for meditation, yoga, dance practice, and even aerobics! 
  • Ultra soft and breathable material. You'll love how these feel. 
  • Pro Tip: Be sure to order one size up from from your normal size. These are made a little small. 

It’s Partly About Comfort

Let’s talk about comfort for a moment…

Beyond needing white clothing for the spiritual purpose of inner and outer reflection, there’s a lot to be said for comfort as well. 

Most often the material is loose and flowy. Any pants or shirts you buy should be as non-restrictive as possible. You’ll want to be able to do a few deep lunges in your new pants, but also sit comfortably at a desk. 

Kundalini clothing is meant to be versatile. You should be able to wear most outfits you pick in a variety of settings. 

Side Benefit

Can I just quickly talk about how nice it is to have something like this in my wardrobe! Even if you're not going to practice these revered form of yoga, there's still other benefits.That being - these pants can go with just about anything. Well, within reason. 

If you're not going to be doing Kundalini yoga then try picking up a different color. Black and/or blue are really nice as it will go with lots of different tops. But even if you go with traditional white - they are perfect for summer. 

Budget Pick

FitGlam Harem Pants - Casual Lounge Yoga Pants

Over 1290 Ratings!

  • Easy to wash because you can throw them in the machine with the rest of your whites.
  • Pro Tip: Be sure to order one size up from from your normal size. These are made a little small. 
  • Going somewhere? Perfect for travel and going through airports when you want to be as comfortable as possible.  

Brands Don’t Matter

Overall, there’s not one specific brand of clothing in Kundalini that’s herald as “the best.” You’ll have to discover that for yourself and I hope a few choices from this page will help in that regard.

The truth is - it’s all relatively brandless.

You won’t walk into this type of yoga class and notice a designer or popular brand. As a matter of fact, you may not be able to tell the difference between a pair of pants made for Kundalini and normal harem pants. Pretty much anything goes, within reason. 

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