Best Yoga Trapeze Stand | Consider This Before Aerial Swings

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Best Yoga Trapeze Stand - Consider This Before Aerial Swings

Here’s a common story…

You try aerial yoga a few times and think, “Wow, I’d love to have one of these at home!” So you buy what seems to be a good deal, but then you realize something…

You’ve hung the bolts too far apart and now it doesn’t feel right!

Or, you got a full stand setup, but it’s too short and you're in danger of hitting your head on the ground.

After doing tons of research myself, I’ll recommend the 3 best yoga trapeze stand setups AND go over a few things you’ll need to take into consideration.

Let’s start with the best first...

Top Pick

YOGABODY Yoga Trapeze Stand, Indoor and Outdoor Use

Over 60 Ratings!

  • Zero setup hassles! Start doing yoga in only 5 minutes!
  • Ultra durable. Supports up to 600 lbs without worry of injury. 
  • Fantastic work out! Super fun way to strengthen abs and arms without going to the gym. 

As you read the rest of this trapeze stand review, you’ll understand why this is number one. 

There are lots of problems that can pop up along the way. The saying, “you don’t know what you don’t know” applies here. 

If you have the space for it outside (maybe even in your house) then this YOGABODY Yoga Trapeze Stand is the best one to get. You’ll avoid headaches and perhaps even costly home repair bills - you’ll see what I mean here in a minute. 

Nonetheless, let’s address some issues around getting you set up to do aerial yoga at home.

Do You Have The Space?

This thing is massive...

If you are going to go with the YOGABODY yoga stand then you should know that it’s a 9 feet by 9 feet square at the base. 

Furthermore, it’s also about 9 feet tall and not adjustable… This means in most homes you won’t be able to fit it. I’m assuming most traditional homes have 8 foot ceilings…

Don’t get me wrong, this thing is awesome, but where are you going to put it? If you’ve got a large enclosed back patio then this might be perfect. Or, perhaps you have a separate room that has vaulted ceilings then I suppose that would work as well. 

Outside Is The Way To Go

For most folks you’ll want to set up this contraption outside…

This is a fantastic addition to your backyard. An added benefit is that you’ll get to enjoy the sun outside! Pending of course you don’t get blinded by the sun as you’re swinging around. All in all, being outside really adds to the overall experience

If you must have an inside set up - keep reading.

Top Rated

YOGABODY Yoga Trapeze - Yoga Swing w/ DVD

Over 950 Ratings!

  • Amazing for those who suffer from back pain.Help alleviate common aches and pains in your back and neck. 
  • Advance your yoga practice with weightless back bends! Come deeper in your back bend.
  • 10 Year guarantee. Premium quality. Enjoy this product for years, risk free!

A Word About Installation

If getting a full yoga trapeze stand is not an option for you then you’ll want to set up inside your home.

This is where things get tricky. Namely, how are you going to hang things?

What Beams Do You Have?

Do you have 2x8 beams in your ceiling or are they 4x6?

Also, don’t assume that means 2 or 4 inches by eight inches…

  • The actual dimensions of a 2x8 are 1.5 x 7.25

  • The actual dimensions of a 4x8 are 3.5 x 7.25

This matters because of how big the bolts need to be. Big bolts mean big holes which could end up causing splitting in your ceiling beams. Especially if you have an older house. 

And even though it’s only one or two pieces of wood, fixing a split or busted ceiling beam could cost you lots of money.

 A Quick Word About Renting

If you are renting a condo or a house then you’ll want to be extra cautious. 

If you are blessed enough to have an awesome landlord then feel free to call them to discuss a few options for getting a couple of mounts installed in the ceiling. 

There is a way to install a strong mounted system into a livingroom or bedroom and then patch it up when you move out. Handymen, carpenters and/or drywall experts will know how best to do this. 

I urge you not to use screw hooks. Those can be dangerous. Yes they would be much easier to cover up once you leave your rented property, but if one of them comes detached from the ceiling… Well, let’s just hope you’re not hanging upside down. 

How Wide You Hang Your Setup Is Important

If you’ve been to a professional yoga studio where there’s a dozen or so aerial setups then you’ve come accustomed to something seemingly inconsequential - the width.

If the attachments are typically three feet apart and you hang your new yoga swing four and half feet apart then something is going to feel off. 

Take note of what a good distance should be. Too wide of a set up will feel very different than what you might be used to. 

Having said all that - here are the attachments I recommend...

Budget Pick

Jungle Gym Kingdom Heavy Duty Swing Hangers

Over 1970 Ratings!

  • Quiet design means you'll won't have loud squeaking metal sounds disrupting your tranquil yoga practice. 
  • Pro tip: Be sure to buy 1/2 inch bolts. This comes as-is without the mounting hardware. 
  • Rust protective coating. No need to worry if it gets wet from moisture or rain.

These have tons of positive reviews from people just like you looking to install yoga aerial equipment. They are sturdy, well-made, quiet, and are much cheaper than getting a full frame to hang on.

Continuing on, here’s a quick word about safety...

Safety Comes First 

Ironic I know that this does not come first in this article, but it should be your primary concern. 

Basically, don’t cut any corners when mounting a yoga swing or even when buying a full yoga trapeze rig. You wan’t quality. Not some cheap piece of equipment. 

Door Mounts Are Not Substitute For a Yoga Trapeze Stand

We’ve all seen door mounts for pull up or chin-up bars…

That’s something different all together. That is made for doing your upper body workout. It is not made to be swinging and hanging upside down from. 

Also, on a door mount for pull ups if you fall then you’ll just land on your feet and in the worst case scenario your knees. However, if you fall when hanging upside down then that’s an easy way to injure your head, face, and even neck. 

You want your swing for healing purposes, not for hospital bills.

Speaking of healing, let’s talk about one of the biggest benefits you can expect from your new swing setup. 

Why It’s Good For Back Pain 

You’ve probably heard of an inversion table…

Inversion tables are all about something called, “traction.” Simply stated, traction is the act of creating space in your spine. When you do this, it allows for pressure around compressed nerves to be released and even helps with the overall health of the individual discs in your spine. 

Because you’ll be spending part of your time upside down - traction is exactly what’s happening. Just click through to any of the recommended products and you’ll see dozens of rave testimonials about how inverted yoga has helped with back pain. 

Not Just Your Back

Keep in mind all these benefits hold true for your neck as well…

Many of us suffer from neck pain on a daily basis. I personally tend to have troubles because of sitting at the computer for long hours.

Even though I teach the traditional physical practice of yoga - I simply cannot recommend getting an aerial setup enough! Each time I spend a little time doing inversions on a yoga trapeze stand it always helps my neck pain

Furthermore, the benefits last…

It seems only an hour of playing around on an aerial yoga setup helps me manage the pain in my neck for the majority of the week. 

I hope the above tips will come in handy as you decide what the best rig is for you. 

Don’t wait, check out one of the recommendations on this page today!

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