Top 8 Floral Yoga Mats With Fun Printed And Pattern Designs

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Top 8 Floral Yoga Mats With Fun Printed & Pattern Designs

Need a splash of color in your yoga mat?

Perhaps it’s time to upgrade for something a bit more exciting. It may sound silly, but having a fun pattern to look at while you’re in down dog might just help you keep your focus better.

No matter the reason a floral yoga mat can help create a nice aesthetic to your space in which you practice. 

Let’s dive right in with top choice: 

Top Pick

Over 1090 Ratings!

  • Rubber bottom layer keeps your mat in place so it won’t bunch up around your feet.

  • Top suede layer holds your grip to prevent you from slipping.
  • Fun floral & mandala design invites a sense of fun & spontaneity into your practice. 

Finding a mat that matches quality and aesthetic is pretty difficult to do. This TOPLUS mat has a good balance of both.

The suede top layer feels really nice to the touch. It invites a sense of calm and relaxation into your practice. The bottom layer is made from an open-cell rubber that grips to the floor so your mat won’t shift around while you’re moving from pose to pose. 

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  1. TOPLUS Non-Slip Texture Pro Mat
  2. AIMERDAY Jute Yoga Mat
  3. Gaiam 6mm Thick Mat
  4. Yoga Zeal Mat
  5. Hello Laura Luxury Texture
  6. Wai Lana Mat
  7. Tone Fitness Yoga
  8. ZURA Yoga Mat

AIMERDAY Jute Yoga Mat 

If you place being eco-friendly above anything else in your buying decision then this mat is your best choice

The fun floral and mandala design is unlike any other I’ve seen. It also has a unique stitched border that adds to the overall feel and aesthetic. 

The natural rubber and jute materials make for a very well made mat that will last you for years. The top texture feels very grounding and natural to the touch while the bottom layer ensures your mat won’t slide around. 

Gaiam 6mm Thick Mat 

Over 4320 Ratings!

Gaiam has been making yoga gear for over 20 years so they truly understand their customer. Their mats have been used by some of the most world renowned yogis such as Rodney Yee.

If you know you have issues with your joints then you’ll need a thicker mat. This 6mm mat is a good choice for those with sensitive knees or elbows. The padding is just enough to provide cushion, but not so much it affects balance. 

It even comes with a free downloadable class to help get you started. If you are a total beginner, but still want a fun floral pattern on your mat then you can’t go wrong here. 

Yoga Zeal Mat 

Over 180 Ratings!

This is a quality choice for anyone who wants an easy-to-clean mat.

The Zeal Mat is machine-washable! Just throw it in the washer on a cool and gentle cycle. This can be a real life saver for those who sweat a lot. 

The fact is, no matter how much you spot clean your mat, eventually it’s going to smell. Other mats you’ll have to take outside and wash. That takes time and really it’s just a big hassle. I would much rather machine wash something than hand scrub it. 

Beyond that, this mat performs very well. It’s top layer is made of a faux-suede that feels nice to the touch and provides solid grip. 

Hello Laura Luxury Texture

Hello Laura has tons of cool designs to choose from…

If you don’t like the floral motif then check out the forest or cherry blossom prints. They have a few patterns that will really wow you.

You’ll Need A Spray Bottle

The grip on this mat is not very good. That is, unless you use a spray bottle. It’s similar to using a microfiber yoga towel. That being, wetter it is the better it grips

If you don’t mind having to spritz your mat every so often then you’ll really enjoy this product. However, if you tend to do room temperature yoga then you’ll want to avoid this mat.

Budget Pick

Over 6180 Ratings!

  • Plenty of beautiful designs to choose from such as flowers, peacocks, and butterflies.

  • Enjoy a solid mat that performs well for less than $20!
  • Solid thickness for those who want a good amount of padding for their bodies. 

If you need a pretty mat that will support your practice for a few months then this is a good choice.

You always get what you pay for, and that’s true in this case. It is a good budget mat, but It’s not going to last you more than 6 months if you use it regularly

Nonetheless, those who go to yoga once a week for a more gentle or restorative practice will enjoy this mat. 

Tone Fitness Yoga

Over 600 Ratings!

This is nice for a minimalist floral mat design.

The design is not overwhelming. It adds just a little bit of style to your mat without being tacky. 

This mat is on the cheaper side which means it’s made with PVC. Mats made from this material are nice because you don’t have to pay a lot for them, but they are not the most environmentally safe choice.

You might want to look at mats made from TPE or even rubber to ensure you’re getting a planet-friendly yoga mat. 

ZURA Yoga Mat

Okay, so I’ll admit this isn’t exactly a flower pattern, but it’s still a cool design AND it’s a really good mat. 

If you want a splash of color on your yoga mat, but also need performance while being eco-friendly then this is a good choice. 

Furthermore, ZURA plants trees for each mat you purchase! It’s really nice to know they give back to the planet and help fight deforestation. 

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