Top 7 Harem Yoga Pants For A Comfortable Practice

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Top 7 Harem Yoga Pants For A Comfortable Practice

We love to be comfortable…

The instant you get home from work it’s off with the work clothes and straight into comfy clothes, am I right?

While sweatpants and baggy t-shirts are nice to lounge around in, they may not be the best for doing yoga. 

Sweatpants can be a bit too much when you are moving from pose to pose. It seems the material just gets in the way a lot. 

This is why the happy medium of harem yoga pants are nice to have. They are thin, forgiving, and just work well with all that movement in your yoga practice. 

Let’s dive right in with our top pick! 

Top Pick

Over 870 Ratings!

  • You’ve got options! These pants also transform into a jumpsuit to wear on different occasions. 

  • Plenty of colors & prints to pick from! Find the perfect print and color combination to go with your top!
  • Elastic ankle allows you to place the cuff in just the right position for you.

These are just so fun…

The waste is a gentle elastic so you can move around and most importantly, breathe without any issues. 

These are lightweight, and loose which is perfect for yoga, dance or any other form of movement. 

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  2. Happy Trunks Harem High Waisted Pants
  3. AvaCostume Modal Cotton Soft Yoga Pants
  4. Joob Joob Loose Yoga Lounge Pants
  5. Banjamath Women's High Waist Harem Pants
  6. AvaCostume High Slit Pants
  7. B BANGKOK Elephant Pants

Happy Trunks Harem High Waisted Pants 

Over 2040 Ratings!

I wish I would have bought these instead of the cheap ones I got a few years ago…

Cheap harem pants will rip right away in your first yoga practice. Most seams are not stitched well enough to withstand all of the pulling and stretching you do in a typically yoga class. 

The cheap knockoffs I got lasted about 20 minutes before I got a small tear right in the crotch of the pants. Again, this brand -Happy Trunks would have been a better purchase because they have double stitching. 

I would not recommend these for a hot vinyasa class because there’s just too much movement and you’ll probably rip them even if you are careful. However, these are perfect for more gentle styles of yoga. 

Which brings us to an important overall question...


Are Harem Pants Good For Yoga?

Harem pants are good for yoga if you take things slow. You’ll need to make sure they are of high quality with good stitching or else you’re going to end up with the seams coming undone. 

Warm and gentle classes, Yin Yoga, and restorative would all be fine for harem pants. Most often you’ll find you need to pull them up a tiny bit when doing certain postures… 

You know when you lift your leg in a pair of pants and it won’t move up very far because your pants get somewhat stuck? Then you have to do that move of grabbing the material on your thigh and pulling it up higher just to give your legs a bit more slack? Yea, that can happen a lot, especially in yoga.

If you don’t mind having to do that every so often with traditional yoga pants then you’ll be good to go. Otherwise you may want to check out some other options… 

Best Stretchy Material

Over 1790 Ratings!

  • Just enough stretch to allow you to move freely without worry of rips or tears.

  • Good for warm up pants! These are perfect for the first half of class when you are just warming up.
  • Good for more than just yoga! Wear them to casual outings or even around the house! 

If you want something stretchy and warm then these are the perfect combination…

I would not wear these pants in the middle of the summer because they are not very breathable. These are good for perhaps early morning yoga classes when your muscles are still getting warmed up. 

I enjoy having an option like this in my closet because you know you’ll eventually want to wear your shorts, but it’s always just a bit too cold to do so. After doing a few sun salutations and moving around a bit, I’ll slide these off and just finish out my practice wearing shorts. 

Joob Joob Loose Yoga Lounge Pants

Over 1600 Ratings!

These are made from rayon so they are pretty thin…

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but you may want to wear something underneath them as well. 

The cool (or not so cool thing depending on how you look at it) is that these pants have a single pocket. Which actually is important to mention.

The pocket problem…

Some pants have pockets, some don’t… Some have the pocket stitched on the outside of the pants which will make it easy for things to fall out. Others will have it stitched on the inside which will make it nice for carrying your cell phone or wallet. 

Be sure to keep in mind what pants do and don’t have pockets. If you are a man and are not used to women's clothing then don’t be surprised when you find out that the pockets are way smaller - or worse yet, not even there. 

Banjamath Women's High Waist Harem Pants

Over 1580 Ratings!

High wasted is nice…

You won’t have to worry about things pinching or worse yet, giving the person behind you a show when coming into forward fold.

I’ve included these on the list because you will want to keep an eye out for sizes. If you’ve ever bought anything from the Wish App then you know what I’m talking about. Many of these brands are made overseas and have sizing relevant to that population. 

No matter what brand you choose, keep in mind you may need to order a size up just to be safe. Because these have so many reviews you can typically have your question answered just by digging through a few reviews. 

AvaCostume High Slit Pants

Over 1200 Ratings!

These are also nice for warming up…

Granted the slit does go up really high on these, but it’s not so bad when you’re wearing yoga shorts underneath. 

These are good if you’re doing more than just yoga. These are very popular among dancers and even those who take Barre classes as well. 

If you enjoy slits in your attire then these are ideal. If you don’t enjoy showing that much leg, then you’d best skp these or wear shorts underneath. 

Budget Pick

Over 1500 Ratings!

  • Thin, loose and lightweight makes them a fun choice for yoga!

  • Perfect for hot summer days when you want something breathable. 
  • Affordable price so you don’t have to break the bank. 

This is the best cheap n’ easy option…

Be sure to keep in mind how things are stitched together. The pair of harem pants I bought that ripped were not actually this brand. You’ll find these pants are pretty decent quality, but you’ll just have to take it easy in them.

If you are into more mellow styles of yoga then you’ll be good to go with these. The various prints to choose from are fun and playful. 

An added benefit…

I’ve found harem pants like this always to be nice conversation starters as well. I’ve had many students approach me asking, “I love those pants! Where did you get them?”

Granted if you’re not in a very yoga-minded tribe of people then you may get some funny looks, but who cares! Harem pants are fun, cozy, and comfortable! 


You’ll want to keep in mind a few things when looking for harem yoga pants…

First, be sure you check the stitching if you are going with cotton pants. Cheaply made pants can rip or tear pretty easy if you are not careful. 

Second, you’ll want to watch out for how stretchy and/or breathable the material is. Some pants might be very stretchy, but then you realize they would be a bad option for summer wear because they just don’t allow your legs to breathe. 

Lastly, keep in mind the pocket situation. Pants with pockets are always nice to have, but if the pocket is stitched on the outside then what good is it if everything comes falling out?

Do you have a particular brand of pants you like? Let us know!

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