Best Jute Yoga Mat [Updated 2022 Review]

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Best Jute Yoga Mat [Updated 2022 Review]

So you’ve heard about jute…

You’re probably wanting to stay away from other harmful chemicals you’ve heard about in other mass-produced yoga mats - as you should.

In this short post I’ll review 3 of the best jute yoga mats and help you understand the benefits of each.

Let’s dive right in with the top pick...

Best Overall

Top Pick

Ajna Eco Organic Yoga Mat

Over 460 Ratings!

  • All natural materials with no harmful chemicals! Enjoy a mat that's a wonderful balance of sustainability and utility. 
  • Rubber on the bottom of this mat means you'll never slide around on hardwood or tile floors. The top layer ensures YOU stay put in your poses as well! 
  • Outstanding customer service from Ajna. Customers are well taken care of through the entire buying process!

It’s Best Of Both Worlds

This mat has a layer of jute on the top and rubber on the bottom…

Sorry to break it to you, but if you’re looking for a 100% jute then you won’t find it. Sadly, that would feel like your practicing yoga on a burlap sack.

This mat offers a strong layer of jute on top but a wonderfully grippy rubber bottom. 

Grip, Stability, And Balance 

The top layer is the real selling point of this mat. You’ll enjoy how the jute and PER are woven together to create a solid feel and grip. This will allow you to keep moving without worry of slipping everywhere. 

Customer Service Cares

The company Ajna cares about the product and the people they serve.

Review after review on this mat company says that their customer service is spot on and extremely helpful. If you ever have an issue then they’ll be sure to address it and fix it. 

Runner Up

YogiMall Natural Jute Yoga Mat Kit

Over 270 Ratings!

  • Extra goodies to help you deepen in your practice. Gloves, a strap, and a towel all make for a complete yoga experience. 
  • A perfect blend of Jute and other materials makes for a top layer that ensures your grip so you never slip!
  • For everything that's included you won't believe the price! Save money with this set rather than over-spending on individually buying each accessory. 

The Extra Stuff Comes In Handy

Pun intended, because you get gloves with this set!

All the extra gear that comes in this set is worth it. It really can’t be beat for the price either. 

PVC But The Good Kind

PVC is what you want to avoid when choosing a yoga mat.

When you get down to it, it’s how the PVC is made that makes the difference - meaning what OTHER types of chemicals they use.

This mat does technically have PVC in it, but it’s not made with any of the harmful chemicals that make it terrible for you. 

Nest travel option

Travel Option

Gaiam Yoga Folding Travel Mat

Over 600 Ratings!

  • Folds up small and tucks into your suitcase for easy storage. Take your practice with you anywhere you travel! 
  • Doubles as a cushion which is perfect for seated meditation. Move from your yoga practice into meditation with only a few folds. 
  • Gaiam offers a mat that prevents you from slipping on carpet, tile, and hardwood floors. 

Perfect for travel

If you are on the go and need a travel jute mat then look no more. 

This Gaiam mat is super thin - 2mm and only weighs 2 pounds! You’ll easily be able to fit this into your suitcase with room to spare. 

Also, plenty of reviewers have said that this mat doesn’t slip on hotel carpet floors - so that’s a real bonus

This Jute Mat Folds Up As a Meditation Cushion 

Need a small prop for meditation?

Sometimes just a tiny bit of height can help to put your back in a better position for meditation.The dual use of this mat is a real benefit.

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