9 Best Mandala Tapestries - 2022 Buying Guide

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9 Best Mandala Tapestries - 2022 Buying Guide 

Have a blank wall that needs a big splash of color? Or maybe you just want a trippy or psychedelic vibe to your place. 

Having a tapestry in your bedroom or living room can also provide a certain calm and soothing atmosphere to your abode. 

If you want a little help deciding which mandala tapestry to choose from, I’ve compiled a short list here to help you through the process.

We’ll look at different sizes, shapes, designs, and materials so you can find one that works well for your home.

Let’s take a look at the first one right now. 

Top Pick

Over 610 Ratings!

  • Large enough to cover a 7 foot portion of wall.

  • Durable cotton material offers a quality texture and feel. 
  • Washes easily without losing color.

Finding a tapestry that’s not too thin is harder than you think.

Fortunately, this one is well made and has some good weight to it. This is partly due to the size. It’s 7.5’ tall by 7’ wide. Most homes have a standard 8 foot ceiling which means you’ll only have about a half foot of wall left uncovered. 

The mandala pattern is beautiful and would go nicely next to your bed. This is quite the large tapestry, and it’s well made.

Keep in mind most of these products on this list are not your classic $500 or more hand woven ultra thick tapestry. 

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  1. Globus Choice Sea Green & Red Tapestry
  2. Globus Choice Blue Twin Tapestry
  3. Craftozone Indian Wall Tapestry
  4. Jaipur Handloom Indian Mandala Wall Art
  5. Globus Choice Elephant Peacock Tapestry
  6. Marubhumi Blue Mandala Tapestry
  7. Montreal Tapassier Mandala
  8. Popular Handicrafts Round Tapestry
  9. Raajsee Tapestry Blue Mandala


What Is A Mandala Tapestry?

Traditionally tapestries were used as covers for windows in castles and had beautiful designs woven into them. Now most tapestries are a bit more simple, rather than the art form it once was. 

Over 1590 Ratings!

At 85” x 55” this would make for a wonderful accent in your home or apartment.

This 100% cotton tapestry would look good above your table or meditation alter. If you have a space for yoga in your home I could also see this fitting very well.

Keep in mind that because it’s cotton it will shrink somewhat when you wash it. If you need an exact size for something then be sure whichever size you do have is a bit bigger

It’s best to hand wash these, but you can get by if you do a very gentle cycle in the washing machine and allow it to line dry.  

Over 1500 Ratings!

Here is a very vibrant option for you.

This 90” x 54” tapestry would liven up any wall in your home, but why not consider using it as a throw for your bed? 

If you are the sort of person who makes their bed and wants to invite some color or personality into your bedroom then this is the ideal product. It’s not a perfect square shape which if you were to fold this into a triangle shape would give you a certain asymmetrical feel to things.

You’ll want to consider giving any of your tapestries a quick wash when you first get them. Most are made overseas in a factory so there tends to be an odd smell at first. This has been the biggest complaint from customers, but a simple run through the wash solved it without issue. 


How Do You Hang A Thinner Tapestry?

Tacks or pins work well, but you have to know how to place them. Find the outside seam/edge of the material where it is the thickest. 

Rather than stabbing your way through the material, gently “work” the pin through before pressing it into the wall. You’ll want to get someone to help you because you won’t want the weight to pull and rip through the material. 

Over 1190 Ratings!

Here’s something that’s a bit softer and less vibrant. 

It may look from the picture that the mandala is a big bright rush of color ready to jump out at you, but it’s much fainter than that. The design is busy, but well balanced. For having so much going on, it’s actually surprisingly mellow and soothing. 

It’s almost a perfect square - 84” x 85”. This would make for a nice throw over a queen or king size bed. If you were to use it on a wall it wouldn’t cover the entire wall from top to bottom. 

You may want to consider having this behind your entertainment system next to your ever-growing yoga DVD collection. A wall hang like this one can be a good way to hide electrical wires. Power chords and speaker wires can be a real eye sore. 

Moving away from such bright colors here’s something with some deeper tones. 

If you have a bright colored piece of furniture such as a white night stand or a light faded wood table, you may like having this behind it to provide some contrast. 

White furniture on white walls can be pretty boring. Rather than painting the wall, what if you just got an accident tapestry instead? This simple trick can save you a whole lot of money. 

It’s 85” x 55” and 100% cotton. The material is comparable to a thick bed sheet. If the light hits it just right you might be able to see through it, but not as much as some of the other mandala tapestries on this list. 


What Cultures Use Mandalas?

Originally from Tibet, the mandala has made its way into Nepal, India, Indonesia and even Japan. They are sacred geometry designs that are helpful in meditation, relaxation and grounding. 

Over 320 Ratings!

Here’s a good multi-use tapestry. 

The size and thickness is perhaps the biggest and largest of any on this list. It’s woven well and is an impressive 90” x 85” big.

You could easily throw this in your backpack and use this as a lightweight beach blanket. It wouldn’t last you for years on end, but it’s still a good size and weight to get the job done. 

Those who have old furniture may want to use this to cover up pet damage or coffee stains. It could easily cover an old armchair or most of a loveseat. 

Over 580 Ratings!

Fun and decorative, you’ll enjoy the personality of this design. 

The flowers and twists of this pattern have almost a southwestern feel to it. This would make for a lovely addition to a baby or child’s room. 

Thie size is 84” x 56” so you could choose to hang it vertically or horizontally. Another fun place to hang this from could be the ceiling in the hallway. As long as you leave enough room so the lightning isn’t touching it, you could enjoy a softer light in the hallway in the mornings. 


What Religions Use Mandalas?

You’ll find mandalas used in some religions that value meditation such as Buddhist or Vedic traditions. These symbols are not exclusive to any one religious group and have been appropriated by many cultures over the years. 

Over 1200 Ratings!

Last up we have a couple of circle options for you. 

This round tapestry lends itself very well to the mandala design. It would be a bit tricky to hang this on your wall, but it goes quite well on a kitchen or coffee table. 

The 70” diameter will cover most round tables. If you have a large dining room table and want to use it as a tablecloth then it may not reach the diagonal distance, but it will make for a beautiful cover nonetheless…

This cotton tapestry could be used as a beach blanket or for a picnic, but it’s a little small. If you have a family of 2 or 3 then you may like having it as sort of a landing pad to put your stuff on while enjoying other activities. 

Over 520 Ratings!

Lastly we have a perfect covering for a small round table.

Doing a little bit of math, you have almost a 6 foot distance to play with. This means if your round bedstand tables are 2.5 feet high and and 1.5 feet in diameter you’ll be able to cover the top and it drape down the side without it touching the ground. 

If you enjoy a yoga and/or spiritual type style and motif in your home then consider using a round mandala tapestry as a nightstand cover. They look pretty cool overall because the mandala sits directly in the center. 


Through this list of options I hope you’ve discovered a few things to consider before selecting the best mandala tapestry for your home. I really like this Globus Choice design here to cover a bedroom wall.

If you want a fun cover for a round nightstand then check out the Raajsee tapestry because it fits perfect over smaller round tables. 

Do you have a specific use for your tapestry? Let me know in the comments below! 

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