3 Best Rectangular Yoga Bolsters For A Soothing Yoga Practice

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3 Best Rectangular Yoga Bolsters For A Soothing Yoga Practice

Need a solid bolster for your yoga practice?

There are many to choose from and which one you choose will depend on your needs. Smaller bolsters are nice to place under your knees while larger ones can be used to lay on top of. 

Depending on the materials used you may also find some to be too squishy or too hard.

I’ve listed a few of my favorite rectangular yoga bolsters so you can choose one that fits your needs. We’ll also answer a few common questions along the way.

Let’s get started with the top choice.

Top Pick

Over 250 Ratings!

  • Eco-friendly materials from sustainable sources means you can rest easy knowing you’re helping the environment. 

  • Soft suede top layer feels amazing helping you to relax and let go even more
  •  Free from harmful toxins! This bolster has zero chemical or industrial smell to it!

It’s pretty rare for anything to get this many 5 star reviews…

It’s probably the most comfy and soothing bolster I’ve ever seen. The outer cover is not made of dense canvas or nylon like other bolsters. The soothing suede outer layer is gentle and invites a sense of calm and relaxation into your yoga practice. 

Easy To Clean

The outer layer can be easily removed for cleaning. You may not want to throw it in the washing machine, but at least you can do a quick hand wash to get it looking nice again. 

Top Small Rectangular Bolster

Over 470 Ratings!

  • Perfect for placing under your knees to take tension out of your lower back.

  • The smaller size is perfect for placing between your knees while sleeping to help with SI joint discomfort.
  • Good for when you need a small cushion to sit on while meditating after yoga. 

We typically think of larger bolsters as the standard for Yin or restorative yoga, but smaller ones can be very useful.

Sometimes you only want a little height aid in your practice. A big 6 inch thick bolster can sometimes offer too much assistance which means you won’t feel much of a stretch. Having less can sometimes help you more. 

The Zipper

Having a removable cover that’s washable is a good benefit of this brand, but what’s even nicer is how the zipper is hidden. 

The last thing you want is a zipper scratching you or snagging part of your clothing. The cloth flaps that surround the zipper keep it safely hidden from your body and clothes. 

Classic Size

Over 1100 Ratings!

  • Ideal size for most Yin and restorative classes.

  • Perfect support with each “level” of this block: 24”, 12”, or 6”. 
  • Soft yet strong outer layer makes it durable and long-lasting.

Pay attention to the size of your yoga bolster you chose, especially the width dimension specifications. 

For example this bolster is 24” long, 12” wide, and 6” tall. The foot long width is important for your shoulders. It’s pretty common to lay length wise on a bolster like this and allow your arms to fall out to either side. 

Most people find a foot width a good distance to allow their arms to drape out along the sides. Others will actually prefer only 8 or 10 inches of width. If you are close to 6 feet tall then you’ll like this bolster. If you’re closer to 5 foot then it may be a bit too much. 

Rugged Outer Cover

The outer layer of this bolster feels like a mix between canvas and cotton. It’s strong, yet not abrasive to the touch. 

This is good because many yoga bolsters get thrown around a lot. If you have a family then you can bet this will take some abuse. If you know that your new bolster is going to take a beating then this is a good choice. 


Choosing a bolster is all about personal preference. If you want something truly special or are buying this as a gift then I’d choose the Ajna bolster for sure. Beyond that, you’ll need to consider the size and shape relative to your body to find the best fit. 

Do you have a rectangular yoga bolster you really enjoy? Let us know in the comments below!

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