Top 5 Best Wood Yoga Blocks For A Supported Practice

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Top 5 Best Wood Yoga Blocks For A Supported Practice

Looking for a solid yoga block that will provide ultimate stability?

Wood can be a much better material for yoga blocks than other synthetic materials. It’s a planet-friendly choice and sustainable as well. 

If you’re biggest concern is durability and sturdiness then a wood yoga block is a smart choice. 

Let’s dive right in with our top choice.

Top Pick

  • Big and strong! This block is slightly taller than most blocks to add plenty of room for your hands or feet.

  • Surprisingly lightweight. This hollow core bamboo block is much lighter than other wood blocks its size.
  • Non toxic and comes from sustainable sources so you can rest easy you’ve chosen an eco-friendly product. 

Don’t assume that bamboo isn’t stronger than wood…

Depending on when the bamboo is harvested and what type you use, it can actually be denser than pine and even maple!

This block is also a bit larger than your standard block which is only 9 inches tall. Most who want stability and something solid will enjoy the slightly taller 10 inch height of this block. 

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  1. Hugger Mugger Bamboo Yoga Block
  2. Mandelbrot X Yoga Block
  3. Saruka Serenity Balsa Wood Block
  4. Bhoga Yoga Infinity Block
  5. Maji Sports Bamboo Yoga/Pilates Block

Mandelbrot X Yoga Block

I’ve placed this second in line because of the size…

That doesn’t mean it’s not a really good yoga block, however. The Mandelbrot X is a fantastically stable and reliable yoga block. It’s lightweight and also easy to hold onto because of its 3 inch width. 

Wood Block Sizes

Most yoga wood blocks are about 9” x 5” x 4”. When a block like this one is only 3” you’re certainly going to notice. Smaller depth doesn’t mean it’s bad. It’s really all user preference for what you’ll need in your yoga practice. 

Saruka Serenity Balsa Wood Block

If you don’t enjoy the heavy weight of other dense wood types then you’ll love this block made from balsa wood. It’s lightweight and looks beautiful.

The Best Grip

There’s just something about the texture of this block that makes it feel good in your hand. Perhaps its the grain of the wood against your palm, but whatever it is makes the grip of this block the best. 

Bhoga Yoga Infinity Block

Over 1080 Ratings!

These are both extremely useful and cool…

The rounded open construction of these blocks means you can use them in many different ways. They are nice to place at the end of your feet when bending forward in forward fold or forehead to knee pose. This keeps your feet straight and gives you just a little something extra to grab for. 

They can be put side by side and used for backbends - almost like a yoga wheel, but without the intense rounding of a full circle. 

Made From Recycled Products

If the design and shape of these weren’t enough to pique your interests then consider the fact they are made from reclaimed lumber. 

Rather than all of that perfectly good wood going to waste from housing projets, this company puts it to good use to create these one-of-a-kind yoga blocks.

Budget Pick

  • Perfectly priced for those on a budget who need a quality block.

  • Dark wooden finish gives these blocks an earthy appearance.
  • Lightweight! Much easier to manage than other oak or maple blocks.

These may come last on the list, but they are still quality wooden yoga blocks. Granted, they are made from bamboo, they still perform very well. 

The real appeal of these 9” x 6” x 3” blocks is the darker color. I fully understand that the color of something won’t change how they perform or feel, but if you want a certain look for your at-home yoga setup then I’d most certainly choose these. 


If you need a top notch wood yoga block that won’t break then you’d be best off going with the larger Hugger Mugger brand. It’s solid and will last you for many years. 

If you want something new to play with or even a cool gift idea then the Bhoga Yoga Infinity Block is a perfect option. You’ll have countless hours of fun figuring out different ways to use your blocks. 

Do you have a specific block made of wood you enjoy? Let me know in the comments below! 

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