Yoga Cards Buying Guide Best In Kids, Adults, And Tarot

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Yoga Cards Buying Guide - Best In Kids, Adults, & Tarot

Depending on which type of cards you need for yoga there are lots of different kinds. 

If you want to teach kids then you’ll need cards specifically for children. Adults are going to make use of various asana cards to grow their practice. 

And lastly those who are into more energetic workings will want some type of tarot or oracle yoga cards. 

I’ve broken down this buying guide into 3 different sections. Take a look at the “quick navigation” section below to help find the correct yoga cards for your needs. 

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Best Yoga Cards For Kids

Helping your kids to understand and actually do yoga can be a challenge. 

Their attention span when paying attention to you is maybe ten seconds, but when you give them something fun with bright colors to look at then you’ve just bought yourself a little more time. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular yoga cards kids enjoy. 

Top Pick

Over 840 Ratings!

  • Keeps your children engaged while making yoga a fun game.

  • 50 different cards to help craft a unique “flow” for each play session. 
  • Easy to do as a group or just one on one with kids. 

Yoga Pretzels has become a standard in helping teach yoga for kids. 

There are tons of different postures to do and kids actually have FUN with these cards because they get to move around and mimic the poses on the cards. 

Keep in mind this is for kids. That means you won’t find the Sanskrit names for postures and some of the names are even made up. However, does that really matter? 

If your goal is to keep children engaged and learning on something for more than 5 minutes then these cards will do the trick! 

Over 170 Ratings!

This yoga card deck comes with 20 different poses and 40 cards total to keep your kids engaged and having fun. 

Each pose card has a corresponding poem card you can read to your kids, or if they are old enough, they can read themselves. These are fun to just spread around your yoga mat and have a good time with your little ones. If you have a yoga towel on top of your mat then it's almost like dealing out poker cards as they slide across to each child

Some of the poses, like Warrior 3 for example, are called fun names like “Bee.” Cat is still cat, as they have sought to keep with more recognizable creatures for children. 

Here is a real underrated card set for children. 

This yoga adventure deck takes children through the zoo and to the beach where they see and mimic different types of animals and shapes. 

You get to actually go on a small fun adventure with these cards. Even as an adult, the first few times you flip through the deck you’ll be anxiously awaiting to see what happens next. 

This is a fun and creative deck that makes use of storytelling to help keep the kids engrossed in this activity for at least a half hour or more. 

If you’re stuck at home and want to take a small adventure and do some yoga with your kids along the way then you’ll really enjoy these cards. 

Do you have a little one learning the alphabet still?

Journey through the ABC’s as you teach your child various yoga poses along the way. Watch as they mimic fun poses with their bodies that represent the corresponding letters of the alphabet. 

You’ll get 56 different cards to help them understand the various yoga poses and letters of the alphabet. Each card is colorful and informative to help your child stays focused an on-task. 

The downside here is pretty obvious… If your child is much older than 5 or 6 then this may be a bit too elementary for them. 

Over 210 Ratings!

Here’s a good choice for children roughly between the ages of 7 and 11. 

These cards teach children how to be present, stay grounded, show compassion, balance their emotions and much more. As children grow towards the puberty years this is a wonderful tool help them manage their feelings.

Even parents can benefit from these cards too! These mindfulness cards are also good for parents as you go through the breathing and/or mindfulness exercise. 

If you have a child who’s showing those first signs of adult maturity then these cards would be a really helpful asset. 

Unfortunately the age window is pretty small...Maybe only 1 or 2 years big. If they are too young then the cards will be too boring. If they are too old then the cards won’t be cool enough. It’s a fine line, but worth it if you can find the sweet spot. 

Best Yoga Cards For Adults

If you are just learning to do yoga then having a small deck of illustrated cards to reference can really help you advance your yoga practice. 

Below are a few good yoga card decks that adults can enjoy to help them further their yoga journey. 

Top Pick

Over 340 Ratings!

  • Fantastic detail in each card that explains alignment and proper form.

  • Learn 47 different poses and 3 breathing techniques.
  • Sanskrit names included for every posture.

These make for good overview cards for most beginning yoga students. 

I say “most” because there are for sure more advanced poses in this deck that you may not be able to do. This is okay though because it can give you goals or something to work up towards.

Each card is made with lots of detail so you won’t be left wondering how to hold yourself and figure out the alignment. Furthermore, you’ll learn the general benefits of each posture and the warnings associated with each as well. 

If you have been to a couple of yoga classes and want to do more at-home study then these cards are a good place to begin. 

For those who do yoga to help alleviate pain and stiffness these cards are ideal. 

On the flip side, preventing injury is just as important. These cards will also help you understand specific alignment principles that will help you along the way. 

There’s 50 different postures to learn. Some are very basic and others will be more difficult depending on your ability level. Overall, safety is the number one concern with these cards, which is really nice.

You’ll find specific sequences and suggestions for how to help alleviate pain depending on your specific issue. These are ideal for people over 50 or anyone who’s dealing with minor aches and pain prematurely. 

Over 360 Ratings!

If your goal is peace and relaxation then this is a good deck to check out.

Rather than going pose by pose and learning all of the alignment aspects of each, this deck is useful for those who want to lessen their stress and/or relax. 

Each card has a calming mantra or affirmation with a couple of yoga poses that are good for overall relaxation.Just light some incense and you'll be on the zen train in no time.  

Some cards may be more for cultivating positive energy, lessening stress, relaxation, or even basic meditation. You’ll then find two different yoga postures to help with that specific issue. 

The downside is that you will really need to focus with these. They are just cards, so it’s not as if you have a real life teacher in front of you. However, if you are used to practicing yoga at home alone, then you’ll find these cards to be a delight. 

Over 150 Ratings!

This deck is really nice for those who already have a basic foundation for doing yoga established. 

If you’ve been doing yoga for more than 4 or 5 months then you’ll enjoy this sequencing deck by Mark Stephens. It’s got tons of helpful information and ideas not just for linking poses together, but the benefits of each posture as well. 

This 92 page booklet comes with 100 flash cards to help you craft fun and unique yoga sequences you can do at home or offer to your classes. 

The downside is that the pose names are all in Sanskrit. This is okay for those who already have a basic knowledge of these poses, but it may be difficult for a novice to work through. 

Kino MacGregor is a modern-day legend in the Ashtanga yoga world.

This card deck has the entire primary series. That’s 90 different postures when you include both forms of Sun Salutations!

If you enjoy Ashtanga and want to practice it at home then this deck will be very useful for you. If you do NOT enjoy doing this form of yoga then you would obviously want to get something else. 

For those who are more advanced and have not tried much of this style of yoga this could be a fun deck to pick up. It’s challenging and will have you really sweating in some postures. 

Best Tarot & Oracle Yoga Cards

If you are more in tune with the spiritual side of things then you’ll enjoy this next set of cards. These are intended for doing readings on yourself or others. Each of the following has it’s own unique theme depending on what resonates with you. 

Top Pick

Over 730 Ratings!

  • 54 cards referencing various ayurvedic modalites and principles.

  • Comes with a 128 full color guide book to help understand each card’s meaning.
  • Ideal gift for anyone who does card readings and loves yoga.

Energetics and healing go hand in hand with these ayurvedic cards.

Each is beautifully done, referencing an ancient ayurvedic principal. As you can imagine these can be very powerful when providing readings for yourself or others. 

Naturally you should always consult a doctor before doing any form of healing or therapy on yourself or others, but these cards can act as arrows, pointing you or someone in a certain direction that requires more insight or research. 

Over 100 Ratings!

Here’s a wonderful card deck with mantras from various Hindu deities. 

There’s 52 cards in total and they are all beautifully done. Each has a short explanation of the corresponding deity and their purpose. There is a separate book you can buy with this card deck to help you reference the specific deity and understand it better. 

This would be for someone who is very much into chanting mantras. These are longer mantras and somewhat difficult to remember for those who have not had much exposure to Sanskrit before. 

Overall, theses are fantastic cards, but they are a bit too high-level for most people who casually do yoga. 

Over 430 Ratings!

Here’s a unique deck that focuses on deeper soul and life lessons.

Each of these 44 cards has a beautiful mandala you can use to meditate on after receiving it’s message. These are really good for those who use multiple decks when doing readings.

A basic tarot card deck can only go so far. These are good to add an extra layer of depth with yourself or your clients. Lessons such as humor, abundance, and honesty are all helpful in helping to peel back the layers of our complicated selves. 

These are for those who enjoy learning new hand mudras.

These oracle yoga cards have 35 different hand mudras and the 5 elements for a total of 40 individual pieces. Each card represents not only a certain mudra, but an overall life lesson as well. 

I would put these in a more “just for fun” category. They are well made and are easy to use, but I’m not sure I’d use them for clients unless they specifically are drawn to this deck.

The guide book that comes with it provides good information, but lacks as much deep soulful insight as other card decks on this list. 

Over 1190 Ratings!

I really enjoy these cards… 

I’ve had the pleasure of getting a few different readings from this deck and the color coordination with the chakras really speaks to me. There are 7 colors with 7 cards each for a total of 49 cards.

Each reading is unique because you may find that you tend to lean towards one chakra color or another. This is good for giving you more insight on an energetic level. 

Each card is labeled with a specific aspect of that corresponding chakra color to help you better understand, change, or overcome the obstacles you may be facing. 


I hope the above list has given you some insight into which yoga cards are best for you.

For children, you really can’t beat the Yoga Pretzels deck here. It’s got tons of good postures that will keep you and your kids entertained for hours. 

 More spiritually inclined people should consider the color chakra cards I’ve listed last. It may be at the bottom of the list, but that’s not to say it’s a bad deck. On the contrary, it’s a very insightful and powerful tool when used correctly.

Do you have a certain set of cards you enjoy using with your yoga practice? Let me know! 

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