11 Best Yoga Meditation Cushions Updated for 2022

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The 11 Best Yoga Meditation Cushions - Updated for 2022

Are you ready to enjoy your meditation even more?

Perhaps you’ve just been using your yoga mat or even sitting up in bed at this point to meditate and you’d like to be a bit more serious about it.

As someone who meditates quite often I personally know the importance of being comfortable while sitting for extended periods of time. Little annoyances can take you out of the present moment which makes it hard to re discover your focus. 

I have the pleasure of using quite a few of these yoga meditation cushions. I’ll help guide you through each and also answer a few basic questions as we do so.

Here’s the top choice of what most people will enjoy...

Top Pick

  •  Keeps your knees and ankles supported to help avoid joint pain during meditation.

  • Helps position your pelvis in a good position to ensure good posture and less back pain.
  • Experience less fidgeting and movement which helps you stay more present. 

This is pure meditation bliss…

Let’s just call sitting still for long periods of time what it really is - painful! No matter how loose or bendy you are after a while our bodies start to cry out for movement.

That urge ultimately detracts from our ability to remain calm and focused so we can reach those deeper layers of meditation. 

This ergonomically designed cushion will help you ward off aches and pains so that you can easily sit for extended periods of time. 

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  1. Alexia Meditation Seat
  2. PeaceYoga Meditation Buckwheat Bolster Pillow Cushion
  3. REEHUT Zafu Meditation Cushion
  4. Seat Of Your Soul Crescent Cushion
  5. Bean Products Zafu Yoga Cushion
  6. Yoga Meditation Buckwheat Cushion
  7. Friends of Meditation Chair With Back Support
  8. bonVIVO Easy III Padded Portable Meditation Floor Chair
  9. Small Yoga Meditation Bolster Cushion
  10. Waterglider International Zafu Yoga Meditation Pillow
  11. Brentwood Home Crystal Cove Meditation Cushion


What Is The Best Type Of Meditation Cushion?

The best type of cushion depends on which style of mediation you prefer. Most buckwheat filled cushions will be for people who are more inclined to practice monastic meditations. That is for probably 1% or less of the population (because they live in monasteries or ashrams).

If you are more of the householder type then you’ll enjoy something with back support. This distinction is important, however the majority of people who meditate will stray away from back support because they have yet to receive proper meditation instruction.

We will get to the idea of back support here soon, but for now, let’s look at a few more standard meditation cushions.  

PeaceYoga Meditation Buckwheat Bolster Pillow Cushion

Over 890 Ratings!

If you don’t want to go the ergonomic route, then this will be your next best option. 

As we travel down this list you may discover small annoyances here and there with various cushions. Perhaps the zipper doesn’t work too well. Maybe the material isn’t the best quality…

This cushion from PeaceYoga is wonderful for many reasons:

  • You can remove some of the buckwheat for a custom feel
  • It somehow magically doesn’t attract dog or cat hair
  • It’s portable with a handle that doesn’t obstruct the meditative process
  • It comes in 2 different sizes depending on your needs
  • Doubles as a bolster for restorative and/or Yin practices. 

Of all the standard cushions on this list I’d suggest getting the large size and keeping it near your yoga mat to use as a bolster when you need it and ultimately dragging it over after shavasana to enjoy your meditation. 


Why Are Meditation Pillows Filled With Buckwheat?

Buckwheat is used in cushions for meditation for a few reasons. First, that’s the traditional material that’s been used for hundreds of years.

Second, the properties of buckwheat are helpful in the meditation practice because it’s non-allergenic, spiritually grounding, and ecologically friendly. 

Third, the support it offers is wonderful. It’s a perfect mix of support and cushion that helps to hold your pelvis in the right position while sitting for long periods of time. 

REEHUT Zafu Meditation Cushion

Over 700 Ratings!

This is a wonderful eco-friendly option…

The cotton is organic, and it’s stuffed with buckwheat so you can enjoy the peace of mind that you’re sitting on a sustainable product. 

Furthermore, the cover is machine washable. Let’s face it, sitting on anything for a long time will cause it to smell. It’s nice to have covers you can just zip off, throw in the wash, and go about your day. 


How Do I Choose A Meditation Cushion?

Choosing a cushion is all about comfort. If you are fighting your body when trying to meditate then you’ll never reach those deeper levels you may be aiming for. 

It’s up to your body...

Everyone is different in their flexibility and strength levels. Because of this, I suggesting getting a cushion that you can remove some of the filling from. 

If you are prone to knee and back pain then you may want to sit higher up to take some of the strain out of your joints. If you are decently flexible then you could only need a couple inches of height to make yourself comfortable. 

Seat Of Your Soul Crescent Cushion

Over 660 Ratings!

The ability to remove some of the filling inside is a must…

This is much like choosing a pillow to sleep on. If it’s too thick then your neck might hurt the next morning. If it’s too thin then it could cause sinus trouble. Of course, this all depends on the individual.

Taller, more inflexible people will most likely need to sit higher up on their cushions. Smaller and more flexible individuals should sit a bit closer to the ground. There’s not a one-size-fits-all solution so having the option to individualize your cushion is a must. 

But it’s not just the height. Width can matter too...

Bean Products Zafu Yoga Cushion

Over 630 Ratings!

Bean has been making products for meditation and yoga for over 30 years. Their products and customer service are absolutely top notch.

Just like the size of your yoga mat matters, the same holds true for what you’ll use to meditate. Most cushions you can easily change the density or the height of the cushion by removing some of the buckwheat, but what about the width?

Try an oval shape...

Oval cushions are nice to add a bit more support to your legs when meditating. This is helpful to alleviate knee pain because the more support your legs have as they travel towards the ground, the less strain your knees will experience. 

If you are tall with long legs and hips that aren’t very flexible then I’d recommend getting an oval cushion. 


What Is A Yoga Cushion?

Some terms are thrown around interchangeably that may not necessarily be the correct term depending on the situation. 

A “meditation cushion” is used for meditation. It is typically filled with buckwheat and helps to hold your hips in a comfortable position. 

“Bolsters” are used in yoga to assist your body in relaxing into the postures more deeply. They are typically filled with cotton and are much softer than cushions used for meditation. 

The term “yoga cushion” could mean either a bolster or a meditation cushion depending on how you are referring to the item you’re pointing at. 

Top Rated

Over 300 Ratings!

  • Perfect blend of style and support to ensure a deep relaxing meditative experience.

  • Heart shaped design provides your legs with more support to lessen the pain in your joints!
  • Just the perfect size! Takes up less space than other larger oval cushions.

You wouldn’t think making a cushion heart shaped vs round or oval would make a difference, but it really does!

This product is highly rated due to its shape alone. Because you can also remove filling where you need, this yoga cushion is ideal for longer periods of meditation. 


How Long Should A Beginner Meditate For?

It’s best to aim somewhere between 10 to 20 minutes…

There’s no exact science to the duration of meditation because each person needs to experience things on their own time. The biggest issues a beginner will face when meditating however is typically discomfort.

What style are you?

As I mentioned earlier most cushions are designed for monastic style meditation. Those are for professional meditators who have decided to devote their entire lives to a more spiritual pursuit.

What most average human beings (householders) need is to be comfortable and have their back supported. This will make it infinitely easier for you to reach that meditative state. 

Friends of Meditation Chair With Back Support 

This is the ultimate in comfort for meditation - hands down.

If you like to meditate for multiple times a day and/or lengths of over 20 minutes then you’ll absolutely love this meditation chair.

Everything is adjustable so you can find the perfect position to hold your body in without pain. If you want a dedicated throne for your meditation practice then this is the one. 

The price is a bit high on this one, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. First, you get what you pay for. Second, sometimes spending some money on something is innately motivating to make use of it more. 

bonVIVO Easy III Padded Portable Meditation Floor Chair

Over 260 Ratings!

Here’s another chair that offers back support. This one may not have the lumbar support in mediation like the other model, but that doesn’t mean this is a poorly designed cushion by any means. 

If you are planning to go on a yoga or meditation retreat then this would be perfect to take with you. It's foldable, has an easy to carry handle, and cleans up easy. 


How Do You Sit On A Meditation Cushion?

This all depends on the style of mediation you practice. Zen meditation and transcendental meditation each have their nuances. However, for the majority of people you should place comfort above anything else. 

It’s best to have your bottom on the cushion itself then have your legs gently crossed in front of you with your feet on the ground. This allows your hips to open up wide enough to help support the rest of your upright body. 

Small Yoga Meditation Bolster Cushion

Over 530 Ratings!

I like the size of this cushion…

It’s small and easy to have lying next to the yoga mat. Sometimes you want a bit of extra padding in your yoga practice. Or maybe you need a small bolster to help you relax into a pose better.

If I were going on a road trip then this would be my first pick. I wouldn’t want to take a big 3 foot long bolster because that would take up too much space… At only 13 inches wide this small circle cushion is perfect for a minimalist. 

Waterglider International Zafu Yoga Meditation Pillow

Over 460 Ratings!

Those who want to liven up their home studio will enjoy these.

If you are a teacher or someone who leads groups, then having a muli color set of cushions for your patrons is a fun, warm, and inviting way to encourage people to meditate. 

Made for the masses...

Beyond just having pretty colors, these cushions are also very well made. This is good because if you are going to have the general public using them it’s nice to know they can take a beating. 


Why Do You Cross Your Legs When Meditating?

Sitting cross legged, or in lotus pose in yoga, is intended to keep your spine aligned while sitting in meditation for extended periods of time. 

Granted, that is the general intention of things, most people have lost the ability to do so with any degree of comfort due to poor sitting and/or posture habits.

If sitting with your legs crossed in meditation causes you discomfort then it may be best to prop your bottom up on a cushion. 

Brentwood Home Crystal Cove Meditation Cushion

Over 340 Ratings!

Here’s something fun with texture…

Most cushions you find will have a relatively smooth surface to them. The Brentwood Home model however, actually has a thicker, wavy, and more textured feel to it. 

If you feel like you want a bit more traction when sitting down, or perhaps you’d like a different type of feel then I urge you to check this one out. 

Everyone is different and depending on your preferences you may enjoy having an overall different feel to your seat. 


Finding the best yoga meditation cushion for most people will come down to whether or not they want back support or not. If you have not read Light Watkin’s book, Bliss More then I strongly urge you to do so. Personally, it opened my eyes to many things I did not know. 

Do you have a favorite setup you use for meditating? Let us know in the comments! 

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