Top 11 Best Yoga Sets From Starting Out To Advanced

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Top 11 Best Yoga Sets - From Starting Out To Advanced

If you’re new to yoga then you’re going to want to have your own gear.

If you’re tired of borrowing a mat from the studio you visit then this is a good idea. Or perhaps your friend is tired of lending you her yoga mat.

No matter the reason, getting a starter kit will be helpful as you progress in your yoga practice.

Depending on what you need there are a few important things to pay close attention to. We’ll go over the best yoga set options and answer a few important questions along the way. 

Let’s get moving with our top choice...

Top Pick

Over 27Ratings!

  • Top quality yoga mat provides firm grip and solid stability when doing yoga poses.

  • The yoga strap doubles as a carrying strap for your yoga mat!
  • Enjoy a yoga towel AND grip gloves for optimal traction so you don’t ever have to worry about slipping. 

The yoga mat is the most important part of any kit…

This mat material is made from a mix of jute and eco-friendly PVC materials. This means it provides a good amount of grip, cushion, and traction similar to what you’d find with top of the line mats.

This mat is 5mm thick which is pretty standard for most yoga mats. If you are generally healthy then you’ll enjoy this mat. If you want more cushion because of bad knees then you might want to consider a different yoga starter kit.

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  1. YogiMall Natural Jute Yoga Mat Kit
  2. YOGU 10 Piece Yoga Set
  3. Clever Yoga 7 Piece Yoga Kit
  4. BalanceFrom GoYoga 7 Piece Set
  5. AmazonBasics 6 Piece Set
  6. Gypsy Earth Yoga Carry Bag With Yoga Mat Combo
  7. Gaiam Essentials 2 Blocks & 1 Strap Yoga Set
  8. IUGA Yoga Blocks & Metal D-Ring Yoga Strap
  9. REEHUT Blocks Yoga Strap Kit
  10. Chakra Palace Yoga Smudge Kit Gift Set
  11. Dancing Bear Healing Crystals Chakra Balance Yoga Kit


What’s The Best Yoga Starter Set?

Pay attention to how thick the mat is when getting a starter set. If you are used to normal yoga mats then you might be shocked when you receive a half-inch thick mat that provides too much cushion. 

The best starter set will depend on your needs. If you have joint pain then a thick mat might be good. If you are decently comfortable with getting up and down frequently then you’ll want a mat that’s not too squishy as this can hinder your performance when doing balancing poses.

YOGU 10 Piece Yoga Set 

Here is a really good yoga starter set for those who need lots of cushion...

The yoga mat that comes with the YOGU set provides ample cushion for those with joint pain. Furthermore, you get 2 yoga blocks to aid in your stretches as well. 

Good for total beginners...

If you are brand new to yoga and want to take it slow then you’ll enjoy this set. It does have a bit more gear than you may end up using, but at least you’ll have options when doing your practice.


Can A Yoga Mat Be Too Thick?

Yes, a yoga mat that is over half an inch is probably too thick. 

You need a solid yoga mat that provides balance. Imagine trying to stand on one foot on top of a set of pillows. The more cushion you have the more you are going to wobble. This means there will always be a trade off for balance and joint support. 

Grab some extra padding...

The best option is to have a dense mat and keep a knee pad or blanket next to you. This way you can use these items as needed and it won't interfere with your balance. 

Clever Yoga 7 Piece Yoga Kit 

Over 680 Ratings!

Here is a good quality set that will give you some good options.

First of all, the mat is 6mm thick which will have good support, but it won’t mess with your balance when you’re doing standing poses.

Next, the yoga towel it comes with can be used as a knee cushion if you want one. The blocks and straps are also very helpful for those who enjoy doing more calming yoga classes.

Lastly, there’s a bag to carry it all in! This is really nice for those who do yoga at studios. It’s much easier than trying to lug all the smaller individual items around.

BalanceFrom GoYoga 7 Piece Set 

Over 1160 Ratings!

Here is a good setup for those who want a bit of padding for their knees.

You can choose from a quarter inch or a half inch mat. What’s really nice is the smaller extra pad it comes with. 

Other creative uses...

The pad isn’t just for your knees, however. Sometimes when you are sitting for long periods of time your butt can get a bit sore. You’re supposed to be comfortable in yoga right? So why not take advantage of it?

AmazonBasics 6 Piece Set 

Here is an easy solution…

I would recommend this set for people who do yoga once or twice a week for recovery purposes. The mat is decent quality, but having the two blocks is what makes this set really nice.

Deeper relaxation...

If you are someone who enjoys holding poses for extended periods of time so you really get into the stretch then having a couple blocks to assist you is a must-have. 

For people who are more advanced you’ll want to avoid this set. The mat will be too squishy and probably throw you off balance. 


What’s A Good Yoga Kit With A Bag?

Keep in mind the quality of your yoga mat is more important than the bag it comes in. While yes, it’s nice to have a bag to carry around your yoga gear, it’s also vital you enjoy doing yoga on the mat you just bought.

Here’s a good yoga set with both a quality mat and bag...

Gypsy Earth Yoga Carry Bag With Yoga Mat Combo

Over 1080 Ratings!

This yoga kit has the things you really need in a yoga practice…

The mat is made from TPE which is a more eco-friendly material than other yoga mats. You can read more about the quality of toxicity of yoga mats here: https://yogawithlandon.com/non-toxic-yoga-mat/

The water bottle is really nice because you’ll drink tons of water while doing yoga. Furthermore, if you sweat a lot you’ll also have a cool microfiber towel to wipe yourself down with.

The bag is just super cute as well. It’s got a cool pattern and can easily fit all of the items it comes with. 


What Is A Yoga Block And Strap Used For?

Blocks and straps are used to either amplify or modify certain poses in yoga…

For example, if you can't reach the ground when folding forward while standing then you may use a block to place your hands on, rather than the ground. 

And the strap...

If you are sitting down with your feet extended in front of you then you may use a strap to wrap around your feet and gently pull yourself forward to help assist in the stretch 

Best Block & Strap Set

Over 890 Ratings!

  • Two high quality yoga blocks to help you deepen and modify your yoga poses as needed.

  • One eight foot long strap to help with binds, deepening, and relaxation.
  • Enjoy just the essential accessories! Perfect for those who already have a yoga mat.

What if you already have a good quality yoga mat?

The best yoga set for you might just be something as simple as blocks and a strap. You may not need to bother with a towel, a bag, and/or water bottles.

This is ideal for those who want to take their practice to the next level. Having a couple blocks and strap can open up a whole world of poses that may have been previously inaccessible before. 


Is A Yoga Block Necessary?

You don’t need to get a yoga block with your kit, but it sure does help. When you use a yoga block it allows you to take many poses and stretches from active to passive.

Blocks will often allow you to relax more in certain poses because you can trust you weight into the block, rather than having to use the strength of your muscles to support or hold you in place.

When that happens, you’ll allow your body to let go and relax even deeper. 

IUGA Yoga Blocks & Metal D-Ring Yoga Strap

Over 300 Ratings!

This brings up the issue of four inch blocks vs three inch blocks…

The IUGA blocks are only three inches wide, whereas the Gaiam blocks above are four inches. Now, a one inch difference may not matter much to you, but it comes down to your ability level. 

What’s the difference?

If you are just beginning with yoga you will probably enjoy blocks that are 4 inches wide. Those who have been practicing for a longer amount of time typically enjoy only 3 inches. This is because as you progress you actually need slightly less assistance to feel a stretch and that one inch can make all the difference.  


What Size Yoga Strap Should I Buy?

Most people will be good with an eight foot long strap. Typically straps come in six, eight and ten foot long options. Unless you are very advanced you’ll enjoy using an eight foot strap because any extra length just won’t be needed.

REEHUT Blocks Yoga Strap Kit

Over 260 Ratings!

This set has two blocks that are 4 inches wide and one, eight foot long strap. The quality is good and pretty basic. 

The foam of these blocks is slightly less quality than the other ones above, but it’s still pretty good. I’d recommend this as a cheap n’ easy pick. 


What Do You Put In A Yoga Gift Set?

You’ll want a healthy mix of things for someone who does yoga. It’s best to go with self care items, gemstones, smudges and essential oils. 

Here’s what to avoid...

You’d be advised to NOT actually buy yoga equipment. This is similar to buying a dress or a ring for someone. Unless you know exactly what they want, you’d be best to avoid it altogether. 

Chakra Palace Yoga Smudge Kit Gift Set

Over 1720 Ratings!

Anyone who’s into energy work will love this set!

It’s got two different types of smudge, Palo Santo and sage. It’s nice to have different types of smudging options depending on the situation that it calls for. 

A digital bonus...

The crystals also come with a link to a video explaining why each is significant to the corresponding chakra. 

Dancing Bear Healing Crystals Chakra Balance Yoga Kit

Over 200 Ratings!

Are you into chakras?

This gemstone set is perfect for those who enjoy the more spiritual connection between their bodies and stones used for grounding

You get all seven!

Oftentimes you have to buy individual stones for each corresponding chakra, but this set is all ready to go for you! 

Furthermore, you’ll get some palo santo and an easy-to-understand booklet that explains each stone’s usage. 


There can be a lot of variables to consider when finding a yoga set that fits your needs. If you are already more advanced, then a simple block and strap combo will work fine. 

For those who are complete beginners with joint pain may want to consider a package set that includes a softer mat. This way you’re sure to keep things from hurting.

What’s been your experience when buying yoga starter kits? Let me know below! 

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