Top 11 Best Yoga Toe Socks To Stop You From Slipping

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Top 11 Best Yoga Toe Socks To Stop You From Slipping

Need a little extra grip on your mat?

If your feet are constantly cold, sweat, or slip in your yoga practice then you know how big of a distraction this can be.

Yoga should make you feel calm and grounded - not frustrated!

Let’s examine some of the best yoga toe socks to help keep you feet cute, cozy and grounded.

Top Choice

Over 1000 Ratings!

  • Individual spaces for your toes allows them to move freely while still being supported by the sock.

  • The silicone padding offers fantastic grip so you won’t have to worry about slipping.
  • Comes with an easy-to-wash mesh bag so you can keep them together in the washing machine!

This set of toe socks really is the complete package…

It’s nice to have the washable bag that it comes with. Socks are always such an annoyance to find, sort, and pair after you do laundry, these all stay in the same bag so it’s easy to just wash, dry, then grab n’ go.

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  1. Hylaea Yoga Socks (3 pairs)
  2. ToeSox - Ankle Full Toe for Yoga & Ballet
  3. YogaAddict Pairs Set for Women & Men
  4. ToeSox Women's Low Rise Full Toe Grip Non-Slip for Ballet, Yoga, Pilates, Barre Toe Socks
  5. Flesser Five Toe Separator Socks
  6. Mato & Hash 5-Toe "Barefoot Feel" Toe Socks
  7. Ozaiic (Set of 3 Grip Yoga Socks)
  8. Tucketts Toeless Non Skid Socks
  9. Wander G Socks
  10. Great Soles Ombre Socks for Pilates Barre Ballet
  11. Mato & Hash Half-Toe Socks With Grip

As we explore a few options for socks we’ll also dive into some common questions. This way you can get a good understanding of which type of socks will be best for you. 

ToeSox - Ankle Full Toe for Yoga & Ballet

Over 700 Ratings!

These are warm n’ cozy…

The full coverage of the toe and ankle means you might just want to wear these around the house more than doing yoga! 

If you want full coverage of your foot and ankle with each individual toe securely covered then you’ll enjoy these in your yoga practice. 

Are yoga socks a good idea?

This all depends on how much you slip and/or slide in yoga. If you sweat a lot and you feet are constantly slipping because you can’t find a quality yoga mat then yes, they would be a good idea.

Worst case scenario, just buy a pair for about $10… See what you think… And if you like them then buy more. If not, just use it as a make-shift grip glove to open lids on cans and jars! 

YogaAddict Pairs Set for Women & Men

Over 200 Ratings!

These socks are thin and super grippy!

Some people want thick lumberjack style socks, and others want something thin but with good utility. These are definitely the latter.

You’ll find that the material wont get scrunched up between your toes either - which is a common complaint many people have about toe socks in yoga.

The only small downside is the way the grip is layed out. They are long horizontal lines which means you won't slide moving up and down, but you might slip a little bit moving left and right.

Do You Have to Take Your Socks Off for Yoga?

Certain studios urge you NOT to wear socks because they will just get in the way. This all really depends on the type of class you are taking.

You can ditch the tube socks...

Normal socks in a fast moving hot yoga class will just be more trouble than they are worth. This is why you might want to get some good yoga grip socks that will stay on your feet. 

Other classes you take will be so slow and relaxing that you could wear any type of socks and be just fine. 

ToeSox Women's Low Rise Full Toe Grip Non-Slip for Ballet, Yoga, Pilates, Barre Toe Socks

Over 400 Ratings!

The low-rise part of this sock is really what makes it…

Depending on how much coverage you want on your foot/ankle area these ToeSox may be a really good option. 

They also come in a dozen or more cool & funky colors to choose from!

Best For Healing

Over 650 Ratings!

  • Help alleviate pressure in your toe joints for less pain.

  • Ensures toes stay separated to prevent rubbing and chafing.
  • Quality fabric stays in place without fraying even after dozens of washes.

If you are having issues with your toes then these toe separator socks from Flesser may very well help.

They don’t have any extra grip pads on the bottom, so don’t expect them to have any. They are made of mostly cotton, smooth, and fun to wear!

If your feet are prone to cramping because of foot misalignments then you may want to consider these socks. Overall, they just feel like they are somehow giving your feet a much needed rest - even when you’re not doing anything. 

Is Yoga Good for Your Feet?

Yoga can be very beneficial for your feet. As a matter of fact, I have had two students tell me that their plantar fasciitis cleared up completely after doing yoga 5 times a week. 

Granted that is on an individual basis, but after teaching for years I’ve seen dozens of students who have both hurt and helped their feet doing yoga. The key is to go slow and know your limits. If you take this approach then you’ll most certainly find yoga helpful for your feet. 

Mato & Hash 5-Toe "Barefoot Feel" Toe Socks 

Over 350 Ratings!

These are just fun…

The cool design on the bottom is what people enjoy the most. It ensures you won’t slide or slip in these socks

Only small downside is that the sizing is a bit odd, so be careful. Make sure you check the sizing chart so you know what you’re getting before you order.

Ozaiic (Set of 3 Grip Yoga Socks)

Over 4900 Ratings!

Granted you may not fit each individual toe into these socks, but the way they stay on your feet is amazing.

 The most common issue with any type of grip socks is the fact the sock itself starts to slide off your foot. At that point you’ve traded one problem for another.

The elastic straps on these socks ensure it stays in place. Furthermore, the straps have just enough pull so that it won't cut off circulation, but still does a good job of keeping this firm and in place. 

Tucketts Toeless Non Skid Socks

Over 940 Ratings!

Need room for your toes, but still want them to breathe?

This design is unique because you slide your big toe through one part and the remaining 4 toes through another part. 

I would have put these higher on the list, but these seem to be pretty polarizing socks. This means you’ll either really love them, or you’ll hate them. 

How picky are you?

Socks can be a pretty finicky thing. If something just doesn’t feel right then you’ll know it right away. If the idea of having material wrap around the base of your big toe, but then leaving the rest of your toes free feels odd to you, then buy something else.

The people who love these socks really love them though. Ultimately, it’s a “feel” thing. You’ll know when you know. 

Full Toe Coverage

Over 910 Ratings!

  • Best option if you want the normal feel of a sock, but with added grip and no sliding of the sock.

  • Keeps your feet dry and comfortable even when you sweat.
  • Slightly thicker than most of the thinner grip socks to help keep your feet warm.

Just imagine wearing ultra tiny shoes…

This is a solid product with many high reviews. However, the biggest complaint is that the non slip dots do not go up high enough on the toes or the heel. 

These are nonetheless really good socks. If you want a thicker sock with full toe coverage and decent grip then these will be a solid choice.

Great Soles Ombre Socks for Pilates Barre Ballet

Over 570 Ratings!

Give back with these socks!

This company was founded by two women who were tired of slipping in the pilates studio AND wanted to give back to the world. 

Part of the proceeds from your purchase helps to fund cancer research and education. Their mission of “GREATSOLESFORGREATSOULS” is testament to how wonderful this company is. Their customer service can’t be beat! 

Mato & Hash Half-Toe Socks With Grip

Over 130 Ratings!

You may want to consider these for a bulk buy option.

Mato & Hash half-toe socks can be shipped in packages of 6. If you are someone who loves toe socks with grips then this would be a good choice. 

Just order a few dozen!

Most people who purchase these are the type of person that LIVES in these socks and knows that they will just burn through pair after pair. It’s a good cheaper bulk option. 


Finding the right toe socks for yoga all depends on what your personal needs are. The best overall choice would be the Hylaea Socks that come in a 3 pair set.

For injuries you may want to consider the Flesser brand of toe separator socks. They will keep a healthy amount of space between your toes and ensure each individual digit stays healthy.

Do you have a favorite sock for yoga I missed?

Let me know in the comments! 

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