Top 15 Best Yoga Water Bottles To Keep Your Drinks The Perfect Temperature

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Top 15 best yoga water bottles to keep your drinks the perfect temperature

We get thirsty doing yoga…

You don’t need to be in a 100 degree hot room sweating like crazy to need a quality water bottle. Having something cute and easy next to you during your at-home yoga practice is also a good idea.

There are a ton of different options to choose from out there so I’ve broken things down into two basic categories. 

First, you’ll find all the ones you may be familiar with such as HydroFlask and Nalgene. Second, you’ll see a short list of “fun options” for those who are looking for style. 

Let’s get started with a classic...

Top Pick

Over 13660 Ratings!

  • BPA-free so you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals.

  • Holds 32 oz of your favorite beverage to last you through longer classes.
  • A handy loop at the top makes it easy to clip on to your bag.

There’s a reason this is at the top. It’s been the best selling water bottle for over 30 years running. It’s easy to fill, easy to clean, and easy to carry.

These things are tough too! If your water bottle gets as much of a work out as you do then you’ll need something durable to keep up.

Quick Navigation:

  1. Nalgene Tritan Wide Mouth BPA-Free Water Bottle
  2. HydroFlask Water Bottle
  3. Takeya Original
  4. CamelBak Chute Mag Water Bottle
  5. Embrava 32oz
  6. Iron Flask With 3 Lids
  7. Simple Modern 128 Ounce Water Bottle
  8. Coleman Stainless Steel Bottle
  9. YETI Vacuum Insulated
  10. Contigo 24 Oz Water Bottle
  11. Om Water Gratitude Bottle
  12. MIRA Mandala Water Bottle
  13. Rehydrate Pro 25oz Chakra Water Bottle
  14. Yoga Om Tumbler
  15. Pure Copper Ayurvedic Water Bottle

Over 8650 Ratings!

I’ve used one of these for my coffee for years and loved it. 

It works really good as a water bottle too. Or even keep a packet of electrolyte powder with you to throw in the bottle. Keeping other drinks in your water bottle is a good idea, but it comes with a small price.

As I mentioned I used my HydroFlask for coffee. Anytime I wanted to use it for water however, it had a coffee smell to it. If you only keep coffee or tea in any water bottle for a day or two and then never do it again, you’ll be fine. 

Just keep in mind that you may want to buy two water bottles. One only for water and one for your other favorite beverage of choice. 

Over 8760 Ratings!

Love your water ice cold?

The Takeya is a really solid water bottle for keeping your drinks cold. These are ideal for hot yoga classes when you need a refreshing blast of cool water. 

The small downside is that if you drop it, you’re going to dent it. It won't affect the utility of the bottle itself, it just means you’re going have a bottle with a bit more character. 

Over 6580 Ratings!

Here’s a good one for those who don’t like to hassle with the drinking process.

The CamelBak bottle only needs one hand to drink from. Just snap it back, drink, and snap it closed - all with the same hand! 

This would be ideal for people who like the Nalgene brand, but don’t want the hassle of the screw top. It’s not going to keep your drinks cold for 8 hours long, but who does yoga for 8 hours straight anyway?

Over 6060 Ratings!

The cupholder is always a problem with bigger bottles, right?

Well, not any more with the Embrava! It’s got a slender base that fits into most standard size cup holders so you can easily access it when you’re driving. 

This works quite well, but be warned because this bottle is pretty tall. You may find yourself whacking your elbows against it in the car. Also it’s a bit easier to tip over when you accidently bump it while doing yoga 

Over 8300 Ratings!

Aren’t you tired of having to buy extra stuff for something you already bought?

For example the Nalgene bottles are really nice, but if you want a special lid then that’s going to be an extra order. 

Iron Flask solves this problem right out of the gate by giving you 3 different lids with two drinking straws. Now you’ve got everything you could need right from the start.

You’re going to pay a bit more for this set, but if you know you need different lids for different types of occasions then this should be your go-to pick. 

Over 20760 Ratings!

For those who pride themselves on drinking A LOT of water… 

Here’s a full gallon for people who aim to drink that much water in a day. Even if you don’t quite get there in a day then you should aim for at least half of this bottle. 

Being dehydrated can cause all types of health problems. It’s not always easy to get enough water every day. However, if you were to lug around this massive gallon then you’d have a much better shot. 

Over 4330 Ratings!

At some point you just have to go with a certain brand you like. 

This Coleman bottle is free flowing so you can drink all you like without worrying about some type of suction keeping the water from flowing. 

Coleman has been around for over 120 years! That’s a tremendously  long time for any company. If they can make a quality water bottle for outdoors enthusiast then it will certainly work well for your yoga practice. 

Over 2770 Ratings!

Here’s another top choice for keeping your water ice cold.

The YETI is so good at keeping your drinks cold I’m pretty sure after placing your drinks inside this thing they somehow get even colder. 

What’s also nice is that the YETI comes in lots of different sizes. You can easily find one that will fit in a cup holder, or attach onto your backpack or luggage. 

These are some of the best bottles for hot yoga. Just throw a few ice cubes in your bottle before leaving the house and you’ll have perfectly cool water to enjoy for the next few hours. 

Over 8890 Ratings!

Water bottles can get pretty gross…

It’s good to wash them as often as you can, but there’s another part of the bottle we don’t often think about that we really should. That being, the mouthpiece

The Contigo has a protective cap over the mouthpiece so you can rest easy that no dirt or germs are touching your lips as you drink. This is especially nice for those who travel a lot and are in and out of airports constantly. 

Fun Design Options

Here is a good bottle for those who may want to use it as decorative piece instead. 

If you understand the energetic healing properties of water and want to enjoy that presence throughout your home then simply fill a few of these up and place them in your windows.

The light that shines through is a beautiful blue tint that invites calm and relaxation. 

Over 150 Ratings!

Here’s a neat bottle with a beautiful design. 

If you enjoy having certain symbols around you during your yoga practice then this mandala will be a pleasant addition. 

Visual cues are important to have when trying to keep your focus. Our minds can easily wander when practicing yoga. Having a small mental totem like this can help you to regain your concentration. 

If you're a fan of Mandalas, why not add a matching Yoga mat with one of these options:


Are you in tune with your chakras?

Here’s a fun design that gives you a gentle reminder to keep your focus inward. The bottle itself is pretty good at keeping your drinks cold, but it won’t do as good of a job as the YETI or HydroFlask brands.

Nonetheless, if you’re looking for something fun or even a cool gift idea then this would be perfect for your ultra spiritual friends.

We haven’t talked a lot about tea, but these make for nice tea bottles. 

The Om on the outside is an instantly recognizable symbol to any one who is serious about their yoga practice. Why not have your tea pick up the Universal energy of the OM as well?

Sadly, these are not the best quality. It’s a cute idea, but after a month or more it may start to leak near the top. If you take really good care of it then you may not have this issue. Sadly, this seems to be the biggest complaint from customers. 

If you understand Ayurvedic principles then you know the importance of drinking water from copper vessels. This helps to balance the 3 doshas for overall health and longevity. 

This is a wonderful way to do two things at once, keep yourself hydrated AND boost your health. Copper is an important mineral we often overlook. 


Above we’ve seen a few things to keep in mind when looking for the best yoga water bottle. Keep in mind what temperature you’d like your beverage as well as how much overall water you’d like to bring with you. 

The classic choice would have to be the Nalgene bottle. It holds a good amount of water, cleans up easy, and is very affordable. 

If you MUST have your drinks cold then the YETI bottles are second-to-none. Even in direct sunshine these bottles keep things very, very cold. 

Do you have a bottle you like for yoga? Let me know in the comments underneath! 

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