7 Best Yoga Wedges For A Supported And Relaxing Yoga Practice

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7 Best Yoga Wedges For A Supported & Relaxing Yoga Practice

Need a bit more wrist support or even something to put under your heels?

A good yoga wedge can help you tremendously in your practice, but which one is right for you?

I’ve listed a few different wedges so you can find the best to suit your needs.

Let’s dive in with the best one first!

Top Pick

  • Two wedges so you can create the perfect distance between your hands or feet.

  • Cork material stays put on the mat so you don’t have to worry about sliding or injuries.
  • Two different angles to choose from. Find the best support for your body type!

These are quickly becoming the most popular yoga wedges on the market. 

Most other wedges you only get one angle or slope to use. The NamaStrength provides you with not only two different angle options, but it allows you to customize the exact distance as well. 

They double as blocks...

Those who enjoy using props will also love having these wedges as blocks. The extra support they offer is perfect for those who need just a little extra lift when amplifying or modifying their poses. 

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  1. NamaStrength Yoga Cork Wrist Wedge
  2. Gaiam Yoga Block Wedge
  3. OPTP PRO-Slant
  4. Trademark Innovations 12" Foam Incline Stretch Wedge
  5. 13 Inch Large Yoga Foam Wedge Pair
  6. Brentwood Home Zuma Wedge Pillow
  7. OrthoTrust Pelvic Sacral Blocks Wedges

Gaiam Yoga Block Wedge

Over 160 Ratings!

This is the standard option for most people searching for a wedge to use on their yoga mat. 

It is 20” long so it will cover most of the width of your yoga mat. The foam material has its pros and cons. 

It’s really nice for supporting your wrists and making this much more cushy overall. It’s nice to have some give when a prop is assisting you. 

On the other hand if you want to stretch out your calves then foam might be too forgiving. Sometimes you need something a bit more stable to really help with your stretches. 

Overall, the price point is excellent and most people will be happy with this purchase. 


For those who want two separate foam wedges these work really well. 

They may not be exactly for yoga, but they still work really well. These would be best for someone who does other types of physical therapy at home, including yoga.

If you have tight calves then these are really nice. The angle is just right and the foam isn’t too forgiving so that it takes away from the stretch. 

Trademark Innovations 12" Foam Incline Stretch Wedge 

Over 120 Ratings!

If you like to combine props to help customize your yoga experience then you’ll want to give these a good look. 

While they may look rather plan at first glance, they can be arranged into a few different combinations to make for the ideal yoga practice. 

Stack these wedges on top of each other to create an even steeper angle for wrist or calf support. Flip one over and create a big square foam block to sit on or do planks. You could even arrange them in a pyramid for mellow back bends. 


What Is A Yoga Wedge Used For?

The wedges used in yoga are similar to blocks because they allow you to modify or amplify certain postures depending on your ability level. A wedge under your heels in Downward Facing Dog helps you deepen, but if you move the wedge under your wrists in this pose it can help alleviate wrist strain. 

13 Inch Large Yoga Foam Wedge Pair

Over 260 Ratings!

Here’s another wedge, but just slightly bigger. 

Wedges like these are good for doing poes like Yogic Squat (malasana) where some people have issues with their heels touching. 

Overall, using props like these help with leg and foot issues such as:

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Achilles tendon issues
  • Shin splints
  • Tight calves

Brentwood Home Zuma Wedge Pillow

Over 1090 Ratings!

Sometimes it’s nice to use a wedge for more Yin or restorative yoga practices.

Large bolster or pillow type wedges can be very beneficial for achieving deeper states of relaxation. 

I’ve seen people use a wedge under their knees in Shavasana to help with their lower back. After this you can easily sit up and place the wedge against a wall for back support while meditating. 

OrthoTrust Pelvic Sacral Blocks Wedges

This gets into more of a physical therapy and sports medicine realm, but they are still very helpful for relaxation during yoga. 

This set of high density foam block wedges are good for those who need lots and lots of support in their restorative or Yin Yoga sessions. 

As a side note, if you are trying to get your kids into yoga, these may be a fun place to start. They won’t be have Iyengar level perfection while starting out, but then again it’s all about them enjoying the process rather than perfect alignment. 


Most people will fall in love with the NamaStrength set listed at the top. They are easily the best yoga wedge option on this list.

If you want something more relaxing that you could even use as a prop in bed then you may want to consider the Brentwood Home wedge. It’s super comfortable and even has a washable cover!

Do you enjoy a certain yoga wedge? Let me know below!

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