5 Best Buckwheat Neck Pillows In 2022

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5 Best Buckwheat Neck Pillows in 2022

Is your neck feeling a bit stiff?

Having a good pillow to help gently soothe your neck can be a game-changer for those who suffer from neck pain. 

Having a quality buckwheat neck pillow could be the deciding factor in how much you’re able to help your neck. 

Let’s dive in with our top choice…

Top Pick

Over 240 Ratings!

  • Made in the USA from high quality & sustainable materials.

  • Easily remove the buckwheat to customize the size and feel. 
  • Simple removable slip cover for easy washing. 

A question you’ll want to ask yourself is how big of a pillow do you need?

This is a 6” neck roll pillow, but that may be too much support for your neck. Fortunately you can take some of the buckwheat out of the inside to adjust it as you need. 

Those who are taller will like having options as they seek to troubleshoot their neck pain. I would start with a very small diameter pillow first and then work your way up. 


Are Buckwheat Pillows Good For Your Neck?

They can be, yes - if you use them correctly. 

Alleviating pain in your neck is not easy. There could be a lot more going on than you realize so be sure you consult with a chiropractor beforehand. Make sure you know how to use one of these pillows before using one. 

Looking for a neck pillow with a different interior filling? Check out this article.

Lofe Buckwheat Bolster Pillow

This is a good pillow for those who may want something else in bed for stability. Sleeping on your side is can cause all sorts of issues for you neck. The height and length of this pillow may be just right for your side sleeping evenings. 

Back Support

These are also good to have behind you while sleeping. Buckwheat is a dense and supportive material so if you are sleeping on your side then having one of these along your back can give you more of a “tucked-in” feeling. 


Do Buckwheat Pillows Attract Bugs?

As long as you get your pillow from a reputable company you shouldn’t have to worry about bugs. Buckwheat is a plant and while yes some plants can attract bugs, the buckwheat hulls used for pillows are not what bugs are after. 

ComfyComfy Round Buckwheat Pillow

Here’s a fun 6” option that comes with a separate pillow case.

This is especially nice for people who have oily hair and need to wash their pillow cases frequently. This means you’ll keep the smell and integrity of your pillow just how you want it for a long time.

Buckwheat Is Cool

In comparison to cotton, buckwheat is much cooler. Cotton pillows will tend to get matted down easily creating a small blanket under your head. 

Buckwheat has a 3D shape to it that allows more airflow through the pillow itself which keeps it cooler.


What Are The Benefits Of A Buckwheat Pillow?

Some people say they are too hard, but I love the support they offer. It’s firm but also forgiving. Another benefit is how moldable they are. You can gently move and shape them subtly to give them just the right shape.

Edomi Neck Roll Pillow

Here’s a smaller 4” pillow for those who want a bit more style. 

These have a nice checkered pattern which gives them almost a warm, southern, picnic type feel to them. 

If you want to start small then go with one of these. The 4” diameter will be gentle yet firm on your neck to slowly encourage your cervical vertebrae to come back into better alignment. Of course, as with anything medical, consult your doctor beforehand. 

Good For Your Knees

A smaller round pillow like this one is also good for placing between your knees.

Some people enjoy placing a pillow between their knees while sleeping, but find their knees sweating when they wake up because its too hot

If that’s the case you may want to try one of these smaller and cooler pillows. If it’s too big, you can always remove some of the filling. 

For more knee support, consider a different mat from this list: https://staging.yogawithlandon.com/best-yoga-mat-for-bad-knees/


How Long Do Buckwheat Pillows Last?

They will last for as long as you choose to take good care of them. You’ll actually find the outer cotton case will wear down faster than the buckwheat hulls themselves.

If you feel the actual buckwheat has been compromised you can always dry it out in the sun or just order more filling. 

PineTales Premium Organic Buckwheat Neck Pillow

Here is a slipcover made from bamboo. 

A bamboo pillow case has a unique feel to it that is better than cotton in terms of keeping you cool. It’s also machine washable so you don’t have to fuss with hand washing. 

Organic Buckwheat

If quality is your aim then go with this pillow. The buckwheat is 100% certified organic. If you are cautious about your health and the environment then you can trust the filling of this neck pillow is of the highest standard.


If you are looking to have a good nights rest on a buckwheat neck pillow then I would suggest going with the Lofe pillow.

Those who want to do some gentle alignment should start with the Edomi neck pillow which can be found here. Because it is smaller, it won't as intense on your neck when your first start off.

Thank you for reading through this article. I hope you’ve found a few points to consider before selecting your next neck roll.

Do you have something you’ve found we should know about? Let me know below! 

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