Top 3 Best White Yoga Pants For Men

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Top 3 Best White Yoga Pants For Men

Hi guys, looking for some versatile pants to do yoga in?

There are a few things to consider when trying out different styles of pants. You may want to strictly do yoga in them, or you might want to have something a bit more multi-purpose like wearing them out to the beach. 

No matter the reason, I’ve got different recommendations for you. Having personally done yoga in a few different styles of pants I can give you a few tips on what to watch out for.

Here’s the best overall when it comes to white yoga pants for men... 

Top Pick

Over 400 Ratings!

  • Good medium gauge of cotton provides a secure, yet breathable fit of pants.

  • Plenty of room in the groin area for movement through even more demanding yoga poses. 
  • Drawstrings at both the waste and ankle make it customizable for your body type!

These are a good “all-around” choice…

You could slip these on in the morning to relax in while you sip coffee and read a book. After that you could go for a light jog just by slipping the ankle up and using the drawstring to secure it just above the calf. Finally, finish the day off with a mellow yoga class and not have to worry about the material ripping.

If you do gentle yoga then you’ll be just fine in these pants. They are decently forgiving, yet don’t get too bunched up in the wrong places - if you know what I mean. 

If you do more advanced or vinyasa styles of yoga then you may want something with more stretch to them. 100% cotton has its benefits, but it could be a hassle when doing classes with constant movement. 

Here’s a good choice for those who want something a touch more formal…

Best Formal Pick

Over 270 Ratings!

  • Strong material means they’ll last you a long time without having to buy another pair.

  • Plenty of pockets for carrying your wallet, keys and cellphone.
  • Perfect for light formal wear. Enjoy wearing them on a windy beach day, or even out to eat with friends!

Remember, I said a “touch” more formal, because these are still in the casual wear category I believe.

If you live next to the ocean then having dinner with a few friends while wearing these pants may be perfectly normal. If you live in Chicago however, then you may want something else entirely.

If you are looking for pants specifically for kundalini yoga then you’ll want to take a look at this separate article. These may be a good choice for that as well. 
I just like these because of all the pockets. You get front AND back pockets with these so when you’re out for the night you have a safe place to keep your phone and wallet. 

What about yoga?

Naturally the topic at hand is how they perform in the yoga room

Personally, I would not wear these to yoga. The cotton material is a bit too thick and rugged. I’ve included these on the list mainly for those who enjoy the style of loose, white yoga pants and would like to continue that style outside of the yoga room. 

These would be perfect to have in your car after a yoga session to throw on over your shorts when meeting the family for dinner. They’re comfortable to wear out and about, but probably not so much for yoga. 

Best For Yoga

Over 160 Ratings!

  • Super stretchy to provide ease of movement through most yoga poses!

  • Easy to wash! Just throw them in with the rest of your laundry.
  • Surprisingly warm for a thinner style of pants.

If you strictly want to do yoga in your pants then these are the ones to get…

We’ve all experienced wedgies from pants before and that’s just not pleasant. There is a good amount of room in the crotch area of these pants to begin with so that helps as well. Even if they do ride up some, you’ll still have some give in this area because of the material. 

These pants are actually not super breathable, but that can be a good thing. I enjoy wearing pants made from modal cotton because they are good for warming up.

I like to wear these for the first part of a yoga session, but then remove them as the intensity of the class builds. Just be sure to have some loose fitting running shorts underneath. 


For guys out there looking for white yoga pants I’d recommend going with the CandyHusky brand for something easy and fun.

If you are going to be doing more demanding movements then you’ll naturally want to find something that is made from a more stretchy material - rather than just cotton. 

Do you have a certain type of pants you prefer for yoga?

Let me know in the comments! 

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