Top 17 Best Yoga Mat Gym Bags To Actually Fit All Your Gear

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Top 17 Best Yoga Mat Gym Bags To Actually Fit All Your Gear

You’re probably tired of fighting with all the stuff you have to bring with you to yoga everyday…

Your mat is heavy, the yoga blocks are bulky, and let’s not talk about the water bottle you drop all the time! 

If you need a solution for all of your stuff then you’ll find a yoga mat gym bag on this list that will help you get organized.

From big and spacious to minimalistic there’s something for everyone.

Let’s dive in with the first choice...

Top Pick

Over 700 Ratings!

  • Plenty of space to fit your mat, yoga blocks, straps, a towel, water bottle and more!

  • Strong zippers that won’t break after multiple uses.
  • Extra outside pocket to hold your phone, keys and wallet. 

This yoga bag is a delightful monster…

It’s 26 inches wide which will fit 98% of the yoga mats out there. It’s got an ample 8” x 8” of room on the inside so you can bring your blocks, straps and other gear along too!

Most bags are really lacking space, but this one most certainly is not. Rather than having 3 different bags just to go to a yoga class, with the Kindfolk you only need one!

Quick Navigation:

  1. Kindfolk Yoga Mat Duffle Bag
  2. Yogiii Large Yoga Mat Bag
  3. YogaAddict Yoga Mat Tote
  4. Fremous Yoga Bag
  5. Uhawi Large Mat Bag
  6. JamPa Yoga Mat Carrier
  7. Aozora Large Tote
  8. Kindfolk Yoga Mat Backpack
  9. ELENTURE Full-Zip Exercise Yoga Mat Carry Bag
  10. Aurorae Cross-Body Sling Backpack
  11. COVAX Yoga Mat Tote
  12. Aurorae Yoga Multi Purpose Backpack
  13. GRS Products Small Yoga Bag
  14. Hynes Eagle Gym Bag
  15. Adriene's Choice Extra Large Canvas Yoga Mat Bag
  16. AmazeX Yoga Bag with Open Ends
  17. FODOKO Yoga Bag

Yogiii Large Yoga Mat Bag 

Over 460 Ratings!

If you need a large bag with an open top then you’ll love this tote…

It’s an impressive 28” long with 10” inches of depth. You can easily fit larger mats, blocks, a few straps, and much more inside. It’s designed to be thrown over your shoulder too so don’t have to worry about it making your arm tired while carrying it. 

YogaAddict Yoga Mat Tote

Over 530 Ratings!

This is for those who take their yoga seriously…

It’s remarkably long - 30 inches! Considering most yoga mats are 26 inches or less you certainly won’t have to struggle to fit your mat into the bag. 

It’s got special pockets for blocks and waterbottles too. It’s not the most stylish bag, but it scores an A+ for utility. 

Fremous Yoga Bag

Over 500 Ratings!

For those who want a basic solution for their mat the Fremous has you covered.

This will fit any mat that’s 24 inches wide and up to 10mm. Be sure you know the size of your mat before buying. Most yoga mats are only two feet wide, but there are a couple brands out there that run up to 26 inches. 

Plenty of options…

This bag comes in solid colors and lots of fun patterns. It’s well constructed with a lined inner layer and a durable canvas outer layer. 

Uhawi Large Mat Bag 

Over 270 Ratings!

If you don’t mind a Velcro top, then this bag is perfect!

It’s 30” long so you won’t have any mat size issues. Furthermore, it’s really deep! The 10” depth will allow you to put all of your extra yoga accessories in without worry.

It’s fully machine washable so you won’t have to worry about that “gym bag” smell. If you are okay with Velcro then this is a good choice.


What Should I Pack In My Yoga Bag?

Most people will only need a mat, hand towel, and water. If you are going to hot yoga then you’ll want to bring much more.

Hot yoga often requires a change of clothes, a larger towel, something to tame your hair, an even larger water bottle, and more. 

Unique Find

Over 180 Ratings!

  • Plenty of inside and outside pockets to store your valuables.

  • Easy to wash and keep clean - just throw it in the machine! 
  • Bonus extra drawstring bag to put your clothes in after hot yoga or working out.

This bag is your best bet for those who have a lot of smaller gear.

Every inch can matter. If you get a super big bag and have smaller blocks and gear then you’ll have to deal with it clunking and sliding around inside the bag as you carry it. 

If you have 3” yoga blocks (instead of 4”) and a yoga mat that’s 24” wide then this is the ideal bag for you. Personally, I enjoy having things fit just right. You’ll have space for all the things you need without the extra bulk. 

Aozora Large Tote 

This Aozora bag is really good. It can easily fit any and everything you would want to take to your yoga class. It’s got plenty of space and even a few extra pockets.

There are two tiny downsides to this yoga mat gym bag. First, it doesn't close. If you don’t mind an open-top bag then that shouldn’t be an issue. Second, the bag is really big. It may be just too much bag for your needs unless you want to haul a whole lot of stuff. 

Kindfolk Yoga Mat Backpack 

This is a good mat for those who ride a bike.

Any one who rides a bike or motorcycle knows the importance of keeping things balanced. If something is off kilter, then you’ll be fighting the whole time. 

This backpack’s bottom straps allow you to slide your mat through and find the perfect balance. The bag itself has plenty of storage for anything else you may need for class. 

ELENTURE Full-Zip Exercise Yoga Mat Carry Bag

Over 1080 Ratings!

Your simple solution for a standard yoga mat. 

If you want a bag to keep your mat inside with a small pocket for your personal items then this carry sling will work perfect. 

If you use a pilates style mat that’s half an inch more or thick then it simply won't fit. Mats less than 2/5ths of an inch or 10mm will slide in just perfect. 


How Do You Carry A Yoga Mat?

If you don’t want to lug around a big bulky mat then there’s a few different options:

  • You can get a bag that covers the mat entirely.
  • Use a backpack that has straps to attach the bag on the outside
  • Or simply use a small carrying strap that loops around the mat. 

Whichever option makes you most comfortable is typically the best way to go. 

Aurorae Cross-Body Sling Backpack

Over 1220 Ratings!

This is another unique find…

Some people love cross-body bags and others can’t stand them. It depends on your personal preference. This backpack is also unique because of the outer side strap.

The mat sits on the outer side of the bag, but because of the cross-body design it actually stays fairly balanced. It seems like it would pull you to one side, but fortunately this isn’t the case. 

Budget Pick

  • Best price option for carrying all of your yoga gear.

  •  Easy release buckles so you never have to fidget with the straps!
  • Perfect for the gym when you need a lot of extras.

This bag is pretty basic, but it’s got tons of space. 

Those who want a simple bag that can carry everything they need will enjoy this tote. The only downside is the style… It’s not meant to wow anyone because frankly it’s not very pretty. 

This is for someone who is more concerned with getting something that “works” rather than aesthetics. 

Aurorae Yoga Multi Purpose Backpack

Over 1080 Ratings!

This yoga mat bag keeps everything altogether in one nice tight package. 

If you want something to carry your yoga mat, laptop, water bottles, yoga block and a book or two then this is the ideal setup. 

I would highly recommend this yoga bag to anyone who is taking a yoga teacher training. You’ll be able to bring your mat, a lunch, two different drinks, and all of your supplies without an issue. 

GRS Products Small Yoga Bag

Over 160 Ratings!

While a small yoga bag may not be ideal for everyone, there are some instances when this bag will work perfectly. 

If most of the caring of your yoga gear is done between your car and the front door of the studio then this bag will work well. 

The straps on the outside of the bag make things a bit awkward, but if you don’t have a big distance to travel it won’t matter that much. 

This is a good budget option for those who take short trips to the yoga studio a few times a week. 

Hynes Eagle Gym Bag 

This is a gym bag first and a yoga bag second. 

If you do yoga at your local gym once or twice a week and would like the option of bringing your yoga mat with you then this is ideal.

Those who frequent the gym know that keeping everything together in one place is vital. This bag allows you to keep all of your belonging together and simply attach or detach a yoga mat at will. 


How Big Is A Yoga Mat Rolled Up?

The size of a yoga mat when it’s rolled up is about 7” x 24”. 

This all depends on how tight you roll up your yoga mat and how thick the mat is to begin with. Some mats could be as long as 28 inches. Thicker mats with a half inch of padding could be as big as 9 inches wide. 

Adriene's Choice Extra Large Canvas Yoga Mat Bag

This was designed to be used as bag for yoga mats and blocks, but you can use it for so much more! 

This makes for a good duffel bag as well. If you travel a lot and want a simple bag of extra stuff in checked luggage then this would be a smart choice. There’s plenty of room and it carries well. 

AmazeX Yoga Bag with Open Ends

Here is a minimalist design for people on the go. 

This is a cool bag that wraps up your mat so you don’t have to worry about extra bulk. It comes with a few extra pockets and is ideal for anyone who drinks a lot of coffee. It’s got a special pocket just for your favorite coffee mug. 

FODOKO Yoga Bag 

This is for when you want to carry your mat and only a few extra things. 

Other bigger bags on this list can fit a mat and a set of yoga blocks. This smaller Fodoku bag will be able to fit your mat and just a few extra items, but not blocks. 

It’s perfect for those who only need a couple of extra small things to go along with their yoga mat. It’s nice for keeping your mat and change of clothes. 


Everyone has their own needs when it comes to finding a good yoga mat gym bag. Some will enjoy having tons of room like the Yogiii Mat Bag to fit blocks and more inside of. 

Others will be able to get away with more of a mat sheath like the Elenture bag that has room for your mat and wallet. 

 Do you enjoy a specific bag? Let me know in the comments! 

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