Top 9 Choices For Men's Harem Pants In 2022

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Top 9 Choices For Men's Harem Pants In 2022

Want to be a bit more comfortable?

Baggy harem pants are ultra soft and relaxing. They are perfect for lounging around the house, going to yoga, or even a casual night out. 

The trouble is, which ones are the best for your needs?

I’ve listed the best men’s harem pants for those who have different needs. I’ll answer a few questions along the way as well.

Let’s begin with the top choice right now...

Top Pick

Over 240 Ratings!

  • These have pockets! No need to cary an extra bag just to hold your belongings.

  • Comfortable elastic waste that comes in different sizes to help find your perfect fit!
  • Ankle length is perfect to help prevent fraying near the heels. 

Pockets are a big deal…

You’d be amazed at how many harem pants are void of pockets. This is a common design choice to do in women’s clothing, because most of these pants are often seen as unisex the sometimes leave out the pockets. 

Nonetheless, these are meant to be lightweight. You wouldn’t want to put too much in these pockets because it might end up pulling the pants themselves down.

It’s probably best to simply carry your essential cards and few cash bills with you while wearing these. They are intended for casual beach wear, yoga, and milder forms of dance. 

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  2. PERDONTOO Men's Pants
  3. INVACHI Men’s Wide Leg Baggy Harem Pants
  4. Siamrose Harem Pants for Men
  5. CandyHusky Cotton Lounge Pants
  6. Lexiart Men’s Baggy Pants
  7. AvaCostume Lightweight Loose Yoga Pants
  8. Banjamath Boho Parachute Pants
  9. RaanPahMuang Pants


Can Guys Wear Harem Pants?

As a guy myself, the answer is, “Yes, 100% we can, and should.”

Seriously dudes, they are comfortable as hell and will quickly become your favorite thing to wear around the house. You do need to watch out for something though…

A lot of harem pants can be pretty see-through. If the light catches them just the right way then you may be showing more than you want to. I would not recommend going commando in these unless they have a really high thread count. 


Over 120 Ratings!

These are 100% cotton and ultra comfortable…

If comfort is all you care about then these will be your best option. The downside is that the pockets stick out. You can tuck them in, but they aren’t really meant to stay like that. 

If something like that sounds like it would bother you then it’s best to get another pair. You could always have them custom tailored, but who’s got time for that?

If you are going to lounge around the house all day then these are perfect. They are also good for yoga and dance, but just as long as you don’t need to carry too much. 


Why Are They Called Harem Pants?

The name of these pants unfortunately does not have the best origin. Most scholars have found that these styles of pants were worn as early as the 19th century by slave women working in harems in Africa. 

The term “harem” has middle eastern origins and is generally meant to be a room for men to enjoy multiple female partners. It’s pretty gross and sexist, but nevertheless the name stuck so here we are. 

INVACHI Men’s Wide Leg Baggy Harem Pants

Over 270 Ratings!

These have a certain far east style that most people enjoy...

While these are not the perfect image of harem pants, they still check all the boxes. They are loose fitting, baggy, comfortable, and enjoyable to wear. 

The bottom part of the leg on these pants comes to somewhere between the ankle and middle shin area. There’s no elastic at the bottom so it allows for plenty of air flow.

If you need pockets then these also have them - four as a matter of fact! As with most styles of these loose fitting pants you’ll have to find the balance of how much you carry vs how lightweight you’d like to be without the pants being weighed down.

Siamrose Harem Pants for Men 

These are designed to be a one-size-fits-all type of pant…

If you have a waste between 32” and 40” then you should be good to go. Those who are shorter than 5’ 2” might have issues with the ankle cuffs dragging on the ground, however most people won’t have a problem with where it sits at the bottom of your leg.

There is a pocket on these, but it’s on the outside - kind of on the middle thigh area. That’s okay for lounging around the house, but if you are worried about something valuable or breakable falling out of the pocket you’ll want to wear something else. 

All things considered, these are really enjoyable to wear. You can customize the drawstring to any width you like and you’re good to go! 


How Do Men Wear Harem Pants Casually?

This all depends on the dress requirements for where you are going. Generally a solid color like black or white will be much more appropriate than a crazy design or pattern. You could even find a decent white pair for kundalini yoga if you wanted. 

In addition, be sure they are not too thin. Thicker pants just look nicer in general. You don’t want the light to catch your pants wrong and give someone a show. A thicker pant will also be less prone to rip, potentially putting you in a compromising situation. 

CandyHusky Cotton Lounge Pants

Over 270 Ratings!

These are really big, and really comfortable. 

The elastic waist and ankles allows you to adjust the pants however you wish. They fit pretty much every waist size and even have pockets!

Another cool thing about these is the material. It’s surprisingly dense and thicker than you may initially assume. 

The one downside about these is the stitching. You’ll need to be a bit careful with the outside pockets because they can come undone fairly easy. These are decent for yoga, but if you are planning on a fast paced vinyasa class then I’d probably look elsewhere. 


What Shoes Go With Harem Pants?

Sandals or some type of open toe shoe goes best. These pants are designed to be loose fitting and breathable. It wouldn’t make sense to put a heavy pair of boots with wool socks. A pair of flats or low top skate shoes also goes well. 

Budget Pick

  • Fantastic patterns that are easy to match with solid color t-shirts. 

  • Drawstring around the waist allows you to fit the pants exactly to your waist size. 
  • Lots of style for cheap! Add a fun mix of pattern and color to your wardrobe for less!

These are just fun…

The different designs make them perfect for solid color t-shirts and shoes. They have a certain skater style to them as well that makes them fashionable. 

The downside is that they aren’t built very well. You may enjoy wearing these before or after doing yoga or going to the skatepark, but I wouldn’t try wearing these during either of those activities. 

The material can rip pretty easy and the stitching isn’t the best. You’ll have to be careful with these, but they’re still really cool. 


Are Harem Pants Comfortable?

They are super comfortable to wear, yes. As a guy, I don’t enjoy being pinched by things when I’m sitting down. It’s annoying to have to, “adjust things” like you do in jeans. 

Harem pants are the best thing to wear while watching TV, playing video games, doing a mellow yoga session at home, or even on the back porch enjoying a drink. 

AvaCostume Lightweight Loose Yoga Pants 

Over 170 Ratings!

These are probably the best on this list for dance and/or yoga…

You need things to stretch and move a tiny bit when doing yoga. It’s annoying to move your pant legs around every couple postures. With these you can just move about freely without worry of things riding up. 

These aren’t as breathable as you may think either… That’s not necessarily a bad thing. I’d highly recommend having shorts on under these and using them as warm-up pants. It’s good to keep your muscles warm in the initial stages of working out anyways. 


Are Harem Pants In Style?

Who cares if they are in style or not? They’re comfortable. Styles are very relative to the season, your personality, and where you live. If you’ve seen someone wearing a certain type of harem pants and thought they were cool then why not get a pair yourself?

Banjamath Boho Parachute Pants

These are ideal for guys who are less than five and a half feet tall…

I say that because the inseam is only 30 inches. Tall guys would not enjoy wearing these at all. Nonetheless, if you wear a 30 inch inseam you’ll really like these. 

You get one pocket with these which is nice to have the option to carry your phone and other items. The material is 100% rayon, not cotton. If you like the feel of rayon then these are ideal.

Interesting Find

  • Enjoy these traditional Thai pants with a customizable tied waist top. 

  • Tough woven cotton material makes them puncture resistant to minimize wear overtime.
  • Easy to wash! Just throw in the washing machine and dry on a low setting. 

While these are not exactly “harem” pants, they are more of Thai fisherman style. If you have not ever worn pants or shorts with a tied top like these then you’ll really enjoy them. 

Pants with drawstrings can break which are very annoying to fix. You won’t have to worry about this with pants. They are very comfortable for yoga, martial arts, and dance. 


I hope you’ve found a few good men’s harem pants options in this post. I enjoy the top pick of the ONTTNO casual harem pants to wear around the house or even out for an evening walk. 

If you enjoy wearing pants for mellow forms of yoga then you’d want to look into the baggy harem Thai Pants on this page as well. They are super comfortable and work well for yin and restorative yoga.

Do you have a certain type of harem pants you like? If you have any questions let me know in the comments below. 

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